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Religion of Peace

For Muslim parent, it's considered a great honor when a child can vomit any portion of the Quran within a few seconds. In Islamic countries, one can find boys who can recite all the Arabic verses from their holy book with tremendous precision. However, most Muslims are not Arabs. So, how can so many non-Arab kids memorize tens of thousands of words in a language that they don't even comprehend?

This is how:

Muslims suffer years of constant brutality in their schools. If you make a mistake, cause too much noise, or fail a test, then that's your vicious fate. I didn't have the means to record my torment but now with cheap phones, we can all see the savagery.

Note that this is the behavior of Muslims towards other Muslims. This is part and parcel of what is being imported into the West. Do you think it likely that this abused boy will grow up to be a peaceful, tolerant, productive member of society? Or, perhaps, he'll be forever filled with rage -- the outlet for which will be a new generation of unfortunate children.

Such are the fruits of a rotten tree.


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