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Islam. Terror. Hush.

Tambi Dude emailed me this video in which Tabish Siddiqui talks about the wretched silence of Muslims in India when it comes to Islamic atrocities in Pakistan. Siddiqui speaks Hindi throughout the video. No English subtitles.

Non-Muslims in Pakistan in 1947: 23%

Non-Muslims in Pakistan in 2017: 3%

These simple statistics tell a large part of the sad story.

Those evil drugs

The Daily Mail: Accused Melbourne rampage driver is a father-of-one whose wife is pregnant with their second child and who lives in public housing – as his mother insists drugs ruined her ‘beautiful boy’.

Noori, who was charged with 18 counts of attempted murder and one count of conduct endangering life, has been described as a 'very beautiful son' by his mother.


Ms Jalaly told News Corp her family moved to Australia in 2004 after being forced out by the Taliban and had previously spent eight years in Iran before moving to the country.

He ought to be shot by a firing squad. The rest of the family should be deported.

The least violent option available to the West is to send the Muslims back.

The dumbest prey

The Fake Muslim adds:

Yeah, don't worry Shaykh. Qasim Rashid is perfectly happy with mass migration into the West. So, all those lovely, foreign Muslims who're persecuting and murdering Ahmadis and Shias will soon be in America to plunge knives in your heart. Just remember to say, "This has NOTHING to do with Islam" when they yell "Allah Akbar" while slaughtering you.

Seriously, just how astonishingly dense do you have to be to support the importation of millions of irrational and hateful Muslims? I can see why a lot of infidels support that. It's because they're largely ignorant, gullible, kind, and unaffected by the wickedness of the ummah. But Qasim Rashid!? He bloody knows that Muslims all over the globe hate his ilk! Rashid, the retarded asshole, doesn't even have a basic survival instinct. He's literally in favor of opening borders to people who would gleefully murder him and his family for bonus points towards entering heaven.

The case for zero Muslims in the West gets stronger.

Three Little Pigs

Bare Naked Islam:

MUSLIM MISOGYNIST imam Imran Ibn Mansur and his useful idiots in the UK warn Muslim women NOT to give fashion and beauty advice on Youtube. The reason? Hijabi Youtubers teach women that it’s halal (OK) to wear crop tops and jeans with their hijab, and have some of your hair is sticking out.

One has to watch the MEMRI video to fully appreciate the utter stupidity and the vicious intolerance of Muslims. These people think that it's perfectly moral for an old man to rape a nine-year-old girl. However, it's despicable when a woman tries to shake hands with a man.

Anyway, has anyone noticed how these three buffoons have lifeless eyes? They look so extinguished. There is no spark. I feel dumber by just looking at them.

No True Muslim

Ibrahim knows what's up:

Greedy pigs are greedy

The proper response:

1.4%?! It should be at least 50%. I do think at a certain point you've made enough money.


All these filthy, greedy, privileged billionaires are getting to keep more of their ill-earned wealth. This is absolutely [shakes jowls] disgusting and outrageous!

Shame on you, Republicans!

Moderate Muslim driver

More on the SUV of peace:

Americans crushed

Also, more women have joined the work force over the last four decades. The combination of millions of women and immigrants has put tremendous downward pressure on wages.

Since the late 1970s, wages have gone up by roughly 20% while university tuition has exploded by over 900%. Young people are going deeper into debt to fund an "education" that earns mediocre wages. University does more harm than good for the average student. And that's just the financial perspective. If you add in the SJW madness and other Leftist rot, then you're simply paying for poison.

Risk. Live.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb:

[...] life is sacrifice and risk taking, and nothing that doesn’t entail some moderate amount of the former, under the constraint of satisfying the latter, is close to what we can call life. If you do not undertake a risk of real, reversible or even potentially irreversible, harm from an adventure, it is not an adventure.

A few years ago, I was thinking of investing in a new company in Canada. At that time, I had put money in established businesses --  blue chips like TD, CNR, SU, etc. 

I hesitated. Then, I went over four possibilities in my mind:

  1. The new business fails. My investment in it goes to zero.
  2. The new business fails. I didn't invest. I didn't lose.
  3. The firm succeeds. I make a nice return.
  4. The firm succeeds. I didn't invest. FUCK!

I realized that, going forward, I could live with the first possibility but I would really hate for the fourth to come true. So, I put a little bit of money down. What's funny is that a year later I mentioned my super risky pick to some of my colleagues and they all shook their heads. Not one of them would risk a penny in that highly speculative industry. They thought that the chance of making it was just too low. "Good luck, man," was their merry response.

And then they collected money for their next lottery ticket purchase.

The End of America

What has the God Emperor done.

If this destructive misery continues apace, I'm not sure there will be a single American still alive by the end of the holiday season.  You've heard the terrible newsabout Boeing, Fifth Third Comcast, Wells Fargo, AT&T -- all of which are celebrating passage of the tax reform bill by some combination of paying out bonuses to non-executive employees, expanding their businesses, stepping up charitable investments, and raising their hourly wage.  The Washington Post also chronicles CVS' pledge to hire 3,000 workers into permanent new jobs.  But the devastation doesn't end there.

Literally shaking!

The party of slavery

That's how Leftists keep getting 90% of the Black vote.

Lefties got nothing

Mark Tapscott:

Shortly after Congress approved the largest tax cut in American history and the most significant reform of the tax code since, 1986, Schumer lamented that “now we know they are popping champagne down Pennsylvania Avenue. There are only two places where America’s popping champagne: The White House and the corporate board rooms, including Trump Tower.”


Then there’s this piquant observation from Lifezette’s Brendan Kirby, who points out that: “Even as prominent Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) trashed the idea, their extremely blue home states have been cutting corporate tax rates.

The corporate tax rate should be 0%. Any positive tax rate on corporations cuts into, among many things, the wages of workers. The average person might feel better with a high corporate tax rate but it just means that fewer money is left over for salary increases in the future.

So, we should see higher wages in the near-future with this specific tax cut.

The innocent cockroach

Perhaps, in the mindless morality matrix of the Left, Muslims can't possibly be guilty of sexual assault. You know, like, how Blacks can't be racist.

Pray and prey

The physical abuse is open and brutal. Worse, the sexual abuse is rampant as well. The victims who do come forward are often pressured to keep quiet or accept money as "payment for damages". In other words, the wicked men continue to destroy the lives of children.

Many young, infidel girls of Britain have also learned about this evil.

Agents of havoc

Vox Day on SJWs:

They don't "miss opportunities." They don't "fail to understand." They don't "just not get it." They genuinely live to shit on you, your values, your morals, your faith, your culture, and your children. They are purely destructive and there is no place in any civilized society for them.

And they know it, which is why they derive pleasure from tearing civilization down.

The next shiv was brutal:

They are the rejected Muslim suitors throwing acid in the faces of the girls who rejected them.


Rampant robophobia

A sex robot convention has been moved after terror threats from Islamic extremists. The Third International Congress in Love and Sex with Robots was due to be held at Goldsmiths university in London today. The two-day event, which was held at the venue last year, has been moved to a secret locations for security reasons.

This is what happens when you don't respect Muslim culture. If only these infidels had made a few sex robots that looked like camels, goats, donkeys, ...

Cougar upset

Yes, only men with small penises carry guns, battle the elements, and hunt their food. Real MenTM with huge cocks and limp wrists buy their food pre-killed at the grocery store.

Thank you for this clarification, Mrs. Harper.

Those heartless Jews!

These Muslim girls went up to armed men and then peacefully started slapping and kicking them. The best part? They recorded the whole assault on video and then shared it with the world.

Actually, the best part:

Yeah, allegedly. Assholes.

Straight to the gulags!

That's because the Swastika was used by the wrong kind of people who systematically murdered tens of millions of innocents while the Hammer and the Sickle was used by pure, angelic beings whose ideas were twisted to accidentally slaughter over a hundred million slaves souls.

Like, duh.

White Overload

Imagine, a White guy in Pakistan claiming that the country is "too Paki". Therefore, it needs to be flooded with Blacks, Arabs, and Jews. That dude wouldn't live long.

SJWs ruined Star Wars

I haven't watched The Last Jedi nor do I want to. However, the reviews of the movie are quite entertaining. SJWs aren't adept in building up their new diversity characters but they're very good at disrespecting and destroying the old, White ones. Of course, significant numbers of fans see through this poisonous BS and they don't like it.

Mark Hamill has explicitly stated that he fundamentally disagreed with the decisions of his character in the movie. Of all people, one would think that the movie makers would have listened to him. But, nope. Now, the average person can see and understand how the Skywalkers were demeaned and insulted. Also, note that the reviewer trashes everyone in the movie except Hamill.

Interesting speculation:

MAGA by the numbers

Another way to look at it:

Dow Jones Industrial Average close on Nov. 7, 2014: 17,573.93

Dow Jones Industrial Average close on Election Day in 2016: 18,332.74

Dow Jones Industrial Average close today: 24,754.75

In the two-year period before Trump was elected, the Obama Dow Jones went up a niggardly 3.9%. Since the election, the Trump Dow Jones has increased by 35%.

Huge pieces of diversity

A few Germans are not appreciative of the diversity in their swimming pools:

Staff at a swimming pool in Hanover, Germany, have faced threats after telling Muslim women not to wear jeans or street clothes in the pool, dye their hair, or leave large amounts of rubbish in the pool during Friday “women’s days”.

The staff claim to have received threats from the male relatives of the Muslim women according to leaked confidential documents from a city committee meeting. The city spokesman Ulrike Serbent confirmed the women who were causing the problems were Muslims, Die Welt reports.

Jeans? In a swimming pool!?

That alien obsession