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Fake Muslim uses statistics

"100% of pedophiles convicted in UK are White". The source is a dead link.

I did a few seconds of digging and got this news story:

In 2013, CEOP published a study looking at “contact sexual offending against children by non-related adults”. They found that there are two types of group-based abuse.

The two types:

“Type 1” group abuse involves targeting a victim, or victims, based on their vulnerability.

“Type 2” group abusers are defined as having “a longstanding sexual interest in children”.

Now, comes the most relevant part:

The latest data we have on this is from the 2013 CEOP study.

It reports 57 cases of Type 1 group abuse in 2012, and police provided ethnicity data on 52 of these. Half of those Type 1 cases involved all-Asian groups. 21 per cent were all-white groups, and 17 per cent were groups containing multiple ethnicities.

75 per cent of recorded Type 1 group abusers, who target victims based on their vulnerability, were Asian. The Office for National Statistics estimates that 7.5 per cent of the UK’s population are Asian.

Now, comes the revealing part mentioned by the Fake Muslim:

There were six recorded cases of Type 2 group abuse. 100 per cent of recorded Type 2 group offenders, who abuse children because of long-standing paedophilic interest, are white.

From the exact same article:

Type 1 groups tend to be larger: the majority involve groups of four abusers, compared to Type 2 abusers, who tend to act in pairs. That means in terms of raw figures, there are more Asian men carrying out group abuse than white men (229 compared to 70).

Qasim Rashid is an excellent example of a dishonest Muslim. He deceptively drilled down to six White people who were pedophiles and conveniently ignored the literal hundreds of Muslims who've been convicted for the sexual abuse of young, White girls.

There really is no way of reasoning with such savages -- the first group of Muslims assaults young girls and the second denies the very existence of the vicious horror. Instead, it's White people who're "racist" for even noticing the religious nature of this evil.


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