Civil War II: Whites vs. Coloreds
The Tolerant Left

Pukka Muslim

A Muslim in the UAE followed the Quran with too much enthusiasm:

According to official court documents, the Emirati had an argument with his wife at their home in Abu Dhabi, which resulted in him attacking her. The attack was so severe that the woman suffered from internal bleeding.

A medical report said the woman died because of the beatings.

He just wanted to give his wife light, lovely beatings:

In court, he admitted to attacking his wife, claiming he wanted to discipline her, but he denied intentionally killing the woman. "We had some misunderstandings as a couple and I beat her up lightly, just to discipline her," the Emirati said in court. "I loved my wife and I didn't intend to kill her. [...]

Hard to imagine her fate if he had hated her.


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