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Pukka Muslim

Civil War II: Whites vs. Coloreds

This is how you get more Alt-Right:

Texas State University’s student newspaper published an op-ed Tuesday telling “white people” that “your DNA is an abomination.”

“When I think of all the white people I’ve ever encountered—whether they’ve been professors, peers, lovers, friends, police officers, et cetera—there is perhaps only a dozen I would consider ‘decent,’” student columnist Rudy Martinez begins the op-ed, which The University Star has not posted on its website.


[...] Martinez offers one final message for white people.

“Remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist,” he concludes. “You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

Substitute "Black" for "White" and Martinez would be called a White Supremacist, a KKK member, and then nobody would hire him. Substitute "Jewish" for "White" and Martinez would be called a racist, a Nazi, and then get punched in the face repeatedly. Substitute "Muslim" for "White" and Martinez would be called a racist, an Islamophobe, and someone would probably go Allah Akbar on his ass.

Martinez only has seething hatred and venom for White people. This is the progressive, enlightened view in the current year. You see, Whites are judged by a very strict standard. The dumb and perpetually-oppressed coloreds are exempt from such harsh criteria. Ergo, only Whites can be deemed to be indecent, defective, and worthy of genocide.



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