Very bad choices
The heir of Patton

The slope to slavery

It's difficult to rule over people when they have guns.

The Second Amendment is the most important part of the US political architecture. It's more important than the First Amendment -- for how can you protect your free speech when you and your countrymen are disarmed?

The average US voter should not give these vile vultures an inch.

The US had a temporary income tax system during the Civil War. Greedy politicians got used to the revenue stream. They tried for over four decades to implement a permanent income tax system. Of course, it was sold as a tax on exclusively evil wealthy people -- those in the top 1%. The people fell for it and the political class happily amended the Constitution in 1913.

The top marginal tax rate was 7%. It applied to incomes of over $500,000 in 1913 dollars. That's right. The ultra mega super rich were taxed at a maximum rate of 7%.

Just three decades later: any income over $200,000 was taxed at a mind boggling top marginal tax rate of 94%.

This is what happens when you give them an inch.


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