The Accomplices
Ladies: take your time

The odious mind

A prime example of how luxury, advancement, education, and intellect is no indicator of decency, morality, and common sense:

Imagine in February 1953, a Russian, Harvard-educated professor at an American university had said: In communist countries, we have leaders as bad as Eisenhower, but at least we don't elect them into office.

Surely, that must have brought comfort to the tens of millions who were being starved and slaughtered by the Communist tyrants.

Many Arabs and foreign workers have suffered under the cruel regimes of the Middle East for decades. Those people can't speak out. They could be deported, thrown in jail or murdered. Yet, here we have a man who knows this and who has the liberty to speak this harsh, ugly truth. What does he do? He equates the monsters of the Middle East to a democratically elected man with whom he disagrees. He uses his precious freedom in America ... to bash America.


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