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How to create poverty

In the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston back in 2015, the people at the nonprofit organization Haley House came up with a novel idea. They would open a pizza shop based on the principles of economic justice and fair wages to support the community.

We know how this will end.

Unfortunately for them, only two years later the place is closing down. It turns out that operating a for-profit business on the principles of a nonprofit social justice operation results in an undesirable side-effect. They were literally not producing a profit.

That's what happens when you ignore reality. From temporary high wages to the progressive hourly wage of $0. Justice! At least, they all feeeeeeel good.

Not worth the trouble

Hackers are going to have fun with this: Inc. is going to start delivering packages not just to doorsteps, but inside homes as well.

The new service, called Amazon Key, incorporates a smart lock fitted to a customer’s door, as well as a new Amazon security camera to record the movements of the delivery person, the company said Wednesday.


If I'm not at home, then a notice is left and the delivery goes to the nearest Canada Post location. I can pick up the order later.

The old cultural sharing

Tajamal Amar, a food delivery driver, suffered a broken nose along with several lacerations to his head and body after a group of Muslim men attacked without warning.


"Several times local Pakistani people in Derby have taken offence from the fact that I am Christian, when they first find out many stop talking to me. My wife and I have often been shunned.

"On the day of my attack the visible display of a cross in my car and two poppies just below the front bonnet, triggered the violence against me. I know this, because for a few days before the attack the same men, glared at me after they notice my Christian paraphernalia.

"I fled from Pakistan to escape violence such as this, but more and more the same violence is coming into Britain."

Britain is turning into another trash-can-istan.

The treacherous political class

At least 5,600 supporters of so-called Islamic State (IS) have returned to their home countries as it loses ground in Iraq and Syria, a new report says.

The Soufan Center, a US-based think tank, says 33 states have reported arrivals in the past two years. The figure includes half of the estimated 850 people who left the UK.

The report says the returnees - most of whom are imprisoned or disappear from view - will continue to present a security challenge for years to come.

No shit. Instead of jailing the monsters, the political elite is simply letting them disappear in the population. For decades the politicians have let in millions of Muslims in the West. Whenever a Jihadist went Allah Akbar, their response was "Not All Muslims" but now they're letting murderers and rapists of the ISIS variety roam free! Hey, everyone makes mistakes. Many people go over the speeding limit, a few jaywalk, some download copyrighted content, and a tiny innocent minority rape girls and throw faggots off roof tops.

The people have to understand that their current political class is not interested in its primary function: defense of the nation. At the very least, these scum need to be voted out.

At the heart of Islam

A former Vogue cover model has revealed details of her years as a ‘pleasure wife’ for the world’s richest man, an arms dealer from Saudi Arabia.

Pleasure wife?

Khashoggi was already a married father-of-five when he met Ms Dodd, but pursued a relationship because he was allowed up to 12 women to serve as his ‘pleasure wives’.

Ms Dodd quickly became a member of Khashoggi’s harem, living in lavish suites in Saudi Arabia and taking turns to have sex with the billionaire arms dealer.

So, she was an expensive whore.

“I never thought of myself as a hooker, I still don’t think that,” she said.

But, of course.

“He said ‘I want to take care of you, I want to make a five-year contract with you. I’ll provide everything for you and you will be at my beck and call 24 hours a day’,” she said.

And… she accepted.

(Laughs.) The things women do for five year harlot contracts love.

Pampered Blacks vs. Oppressed Blacks

Blaming the eeevil White Man is more important than the truth. Just goes to show how much these Blacks care about others of the same race.

In addition to the tens of thousands murdered by the Mugabe regime, the currency of the country was annihilated -- guaranteeing misery with sky-high unemployment rates.

1980: US$1 = ZW$0.7

Yup, a Zimbabwe dollar used to be stronger than a US dollar.

2009: US$1 = ZW$10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Today, the Zimbabwe dollar doesn't even exist. People use other currencies.

The war against men

Women are capable of understanding the horror of unjust sexual assault policies of colleges when their own blood is on the line:

Few issues in education today are as intensely debated as the way colleges deal with sexual misconduct. Women’s groups and victims’ advocates have deplored Ms. DeVos’s moves, saying they will allow colleges to wash their hands of the problem. But a growing corps of legal experts and defense lawyers have argued that the Obama rules created a culture in which accused students, most of them men, were presumed guilty.

And some of the most potent advocates for those men have been a group of women: their own mothers.

An accusation is enough to destroy the life of a man. Evidence, you see, is not needed because we should simply believe the woman who is often called a "survivor".

Ms. Seefeld said she hired a lawyer and even a public relations firm, and used her political connections as a teachers’ union leader, to try to get the University of North Dakota to reverse her son’s three-year banishment after a woman accused him of nonconsensual sex.

“I was willing to do everything and anything,” Ms. Seefeld said. Her son Caleb Warner was ultimately cleared after the college took a second look at the case.

Why would the university clear the case?

A spokesman for the university declined to comment. But university documents provided by Ms. Seefeld show that the school did review the verdict, and nullified it because of a new development: The police said that they had found inconsistencies in the accuser’s account and that some witnesses had contradicted it. They issued a warrant for her arrest on a charge of filing a false police report. (The woman left the state and has not been arrested. She did not respond to telephone messages.)

It's astonishing what happens when you let the police do their jobs. They find out something quite extraordinary: some women are cunts who lie to ruin the lives of innocent men.

The true face of the Left

Democrats have been ignoring laws that they don't like for years. For example, overly restrictive gun laws are a violation of the Second Amendment. The most blatant way that many have simply refused to enforce the law is by declaring their cities / states as sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

Now, the next generation of progressives is going even further. They don't care about free speech. Apparently, it's not relevant in the current year.

Trumpslide in 2020.

Nothing like Twilight

Tariq Nasheed will figure out a way to blame this on White Supremacists:

Doctors in Malawi have been beaten for carrying stethoscopes by vigilante mobs who believe they are vampires using the instruments to suck blood.

Medics have also been robbed and had their vehicles smashed, while ambulances have been attacked as patients were taken to hospital, a doctors' association said.

What a lovely culture.

Poisoning young minds

Pretty accurate:

The tyrants in the Middle East have oil but too many in the Arab populace are not interesting in working. So, the dictators import Muslim "brothers" from Asian countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh and then pay them half the wage of an Arab worker. In this bargain, the poor Muslim brothers also accept money for madrassas in their countries. The cancer of Islam spreads with full force.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has been kicking out Pakistanis to make more jobs available for their own citizens. They broke their end of the deal. Now, the Pakistani government is not so "friendly".

The magical assembly line

One of the great sports mysteries is how Pakistan churns out a never-ending supply of world-class bowlers. Such players have been instrumental in winning a World Cup and a Champions Trophy. If next-door India had those kinds of bowlers, they would rule the cricketing world.

Usman Khan, in his second ODI game, got 5 batsmen in his initial 21 deliveries -- that's the most efficient performance of any Pakistani bowler in this century. The guy is a noob and yet he just annihilated his opponents. He could have taken even more wickets ... if the rest of the bowlers weren't so damn good.

Sri Lanka all out for 103. This is the third time in a year they'll lose an ODI series by a 5-0 margin. No team in history has managed such a miserable feat.

Chilled Pakistanis

The video is 100% proof that Pakistanis are totally moderate Muslims.

Had this been Saudi Arabia, the alcohol delivery guy would have been beheaded. Here, the no-good, horrible man only got a beating.

Seriously, look at the video from 00:43 onwards, the moral Paki is playing to the people who have no qualms about assaulting a man for the "crime" of transferring a beverage.

The Barbarian's Daughter

The Arab method of instruction in action:

Police in Giza, south of Cairo, received a notification from the Boulaq Ad Dakrour Hospital two days ago to inform them that a 5-year-old was transferred to hospital with bruises all over her body including on her head and chest.

After investigating the incident, it turned out that her’s father assaulted her using a plastic pipe because she failed to do her homework.

He murdered his five-year-old girl. You can view two horrific photos in the article.

One of those moderate Muslims

A Muslim just can't take it anymore:

So, here Islam is being criticized or in his words "attacked". The peaceful Muslim can't help but violently retaliate.

The Muslim replies:

Note that he doesn't say that those who're "saying shit about my religion" are false. He doesn't even bother offering an argument. In fact, according to him, to even expect a civilized, verbal argument from a Muslim is to be absurd.

Got it, you filthy infidels? Muslims are totally peaceful but if you voice any disagreement with their super-tolerant religion, then they'll go Allah Akbar on your ass!

TL;DR: Submit to Islam or die.

Cultural enrichment intensifies

Earlier this year, Trump was talking about the insane immigration policies of Europe. He mentioned terrorist attacks and trouble in Sweden. The media twisted his words to mean that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden. The smug political elites of Sweden puffed their chests and said that their integration policies were working. Their evidence? Zero terrorism in Sweden.

A few weeks later an asylum seeker stole a lorry and drove through crowds in the capital of Sweden. Five murdered and over a dozen injured.

Now, Sweden is dealing with fire bombs:

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after throwing fire bombs through the window of a bar in the town of Ängleholm in the early hours of Sunday.

This is the sixth bombing in the last two weeks.

Never give an inch

It's almost like the LBGTBBQ movement culturally appropriated the historical game plan of Muslims.

The Islamic virus in the West

2005: White girls make good sex slaves. We are an innocent minority who wants tolerance.

2015: Fuck Whites; set aside quotas for mediocre, parasitical Muslims. We want equality.

2025: No eating during Ramadan, bigots! Violators shall be thrown in jail.

2035: Welcome to Trash-can-istan. Bow before Allah or die!

Weak, fragile creatures

One response:

Wait, what? Look at the scores of women who are coming forward now to accuse Harvey Weinstein for his conduct. Many of these women were on the receiving end of this dirty creep on multiple occasions. For years, these STRONG, POWERFUL WOMYNS didn't use their money, fame, and lawyers to nail this guy.

And yet, Tarantino who merely heard stories should have called Weinstein out!?

If you continue to pal around with a sexual abuser, then don't expect men to speak out on your dumb, slattern behalf. If you call yourself a feminist, then be STRONG and IN-DUH-PENDENT and handle your own damn problems.

Hate fact!

Brett Stevens should be ashamed of himself. Doesn't he know that citing the truth hurts feelings? This will result in more killings by deeply offended Black people. Perhaps, Brett should check his privilege and learn to be radically kind in the future.

The Land of Pure Filth

This is why we need multiple layers of hijabs for girls:

The first time it happened, I was seven. An imam in our neighbourhood mosque held me, taking my hand, wrapping my fingers (they were still tiny) around his genitals, then massaging it.

It gets worse:

The next time, not long after, it was another imam (it seemed as though the word was going around that I was an easy target–I was mostly a shy and quiet child). My mother could not leave me alone anywhere after that, I wasn’t allowed to play outside, or be out of sight.

Much worse:

During my teens, however, it began again; by a teacher, my school bus driver, groping, fondling, grabbing, then later astonishingly a colleague, a friend, a number of friends, a doctor, a relative, many relatives, a stranger and then many strangers.

As we've been reliably informed by Qasim Rashid, aka Fake Muslim, what Pakistan really needs is Islam and sharia -- only then can it bury prevent these sex abuse scandals.

Once I beat up the son of a police officer, in front of other men in the neighbourhood, in Karachi.

Uh oh.

My father, a simple man, was embarrassed and had no idea why complaints were being made if I wasn’t the culprit. Being a man, it wasn’t obvious to him what was obvious to my mother. In the conservative neighbourhood that we lived in, my father was often asked why he would let me out of the house in the first place.

Of course. The Muslim father is shamed because he can't control his blunt, gutsy, and totally whorish daughter.

Coming soon: Chemical enrichment

Intelligence services in Europe are warning that the Islamic State terror group may be considering using bombs filled with toxic gasses on trains, metro systems or even aeroplanes.

Muslims will use whatever means at their disposal to attack the infidels. They can't possibly beat the West militarily so they'll settle for knives, guns, cars, explosives, etc. Now, they're working on chemical weapons:

Intelligence officials became particularly worried about the possibility of Islamic State jihadists using chemical weapons after authorities in Australia discovered a chemical attack plot in Sydney earlier this year. The cell who were to carry out the attack were said to have been directed by Islamic State fighters operating in the Middle East.

Australian police say they discovered evidence that the terrorists were conducting their own tests using hydrogen sulphide which is highly toxic.

Trains and subways are of the highest risk since security isn't tight and there is no escape.

Freedom is problematic

Of course. With different sexes, races, cultures, and religions, it's impossible to get equality when Liberty is paramount. The only way, the wicked way, of making people "equal" is by cutting down the achievements and freedoms of men, Whites, heirs of Western Civilization, and Christians.

The nefarious political elite

After explicit decisions by Sweden and Canada, now Britain has also concluded that jailing ISIS members is not necessary.

The Government’s new independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, Max Hill QC, has stated that authorities have decided not to charge returnees from Syria and Iraq.

He said: “We are told we do have a significant number already back in this country who have previously gone to Iraq and Syria.

“That means that the authorities have looked at them and looked at them hard and have decided that they do not justify prosecution and really we should be looking at reintegration and moving away from any notion that we are going to lose a generation from this travel.

This is how justice works in the UK in 2017:

1. Say mean things on social media. Result? Get arrested.

2. Go to a foreign country; cut off hands, burn people alive, behead innocents, rape girls and women, throw homosexuals off roofs, and then return to Britain. Result? You're free to roam and plan your next episode of death and carnage!