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Soak the rich

Finance Minister Bill Morneau received an earful on the Liberals' proposed tax changes and was often drowned out by a largely critical crowd during a town hall meeting in Oakville, Ont., on Friday morning.

This is classic:

"Of course someone is going to incorporate to reduce their tax burden, it's completely unreasonable to ask someone to spend more than 50 per cent of their income tax alone in tax," said one man at the microphone.

What's truly atrocious is how many times the governments tax the same money. After income tax, one has to pay property tax from the remaining money. And after paying those two taxes, when one goes to buy stuff: sales tax. The same income is taxed three times!

If the rich, you know those horrible engineers and greedy doctors, had no choice but to pay these taxes in full, then their total tax rate would easily be higher than 60%. Of course, as you'll hear and read, they still need to have their tax rates increased because they're not paying their fair share.

The session ended with Morneau being interrupted again while talking about trying to make the system more fair.

Fair? Oh, that's simple: a flat tax. Everyone pays the same rate. That would be fair. Not this monstrosity of a system with ELEVEN brackets.


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