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That peaceful religion again

What is it about these Muslims that makes them so intolerant?

A 24-year-old Malaysian national was arrested Sunday night for allegedly attacking a couple who were walking hand-in-hand and kissing near an Islamic centre in Rome's Esquilino quarter. The man reportedly told them "you can't kiss in front of the mosque" before pushing the young woman and punching and kicking the young man.

Just your moderate Muslims

Pakistan is not an ally of the West.

Despite an extensive CCTV camera network in place in Islamabad, unidentified men were able to put up an Islamic State (Daesh) flag on a major thoroughfare of the city on Sunday.

More from the capital of Pakistan:

Maulana Abdul Aziz, a cleric of Lal Masjid, a mosque located in the heart of Islamabad, has repeatedly stated that he “respected” IS because of the similarity in their missions and had no repentance over supporting it.

In an earlier interview with The Express Tribune, Aziz had said though they had no direct link with the leadership of the IS, they had deliberated on the issue and decided to promote the mission and message of Daesh.

A Muslim cleric openly supports and promotes the message of ISIS. Sad!

Commenting on a video released by the students of Jamia Hafsa, a seminary for women affiliated with the Lal Masjid, declaring their support for IS and its chief Abu Bakar al Baghdadi, the cleric said the students had prepared the video with his consent and they did not commit a crime by doing so.

Details about this non-criminal video:

It was contended that some students of Jamia Hafsa had pledged allegiance to the Middle Eastern ultra extremist outfit in a video released on social media. The students had also invited Daesh to maim and kill Pakistani soldiers and civilians by chopping off their hands, beheading them, and tearing apart their bodies to take revenge for the 2007 Lal Masjid Operation and for killing Osama Bin Laden.

Rules in the Culture War

It doesn't really matter why players are "taking the knee" during the National Anthem. The NFL has deliberately and repeatedly looked the other way and not enforced their own rules.

There's a parallel between this and illegal immigration.

Enforce the law and deport illegal aliens = RACISSS!

Enforce the NFL rules; fine, suspend or fire the violators = RACISSS!

Totally gay

I wonder if these three thoughts have ever occurred to her:

1. Islam is the reason why many queer Muslims don't want to be identified. They're either jailed or murdered in many Muslim countries.

2. She is openly writing about her queerness in a totally Western, infidel society. Perhaps, it's a bad idea to import Muslims who would thoroughly destroy her way of life.

3. Why does she remain a Muslim when her own religion calls for homosexuals to be killed?

Single payer, single decider

The waiting times for various surgeries in Canada have been increasing for decades. This is only going to make things worse:

Hundreds of Nova Scotia doctors, medical students, family practice doctors and specialists crammed into a high school cafeteria in Halifax to express their frustrations about the proposed tax changes.


Some of the doctors at the meeting told CTV News that 40 per cent of their after-tax income goes to business overhead.

In many provinces, private hospitals are legally limited to what type of services they can offer. So, most doctors are stuck in the bureaucratic nightmare of a public system.

Some doctors at the meeting in Halifax say that after spending ten or 15 years in post-secondary education and accumulating big debts, they now wonder if it was all worth it.

Nope. The most efficient method out of this nonsense is to have fully operational private hospitals in the country but most Canadians who've never dealt with the dysfunctional government health care prefer the miserable equality of a public system.

What's cute is that so many Canadians really do think that the rich and poor get the same healthcare in Canada. They don't see that the rich don't wait in line; they simply travel to the US and pay cash for their first class treatments.

Misery in Myanmar

Myanmar searches for more Hindu corpses as mass grave unearthed.

"We were barbers for Muslims, our women sold things in Muslim villages, I had Muslim friends, we had no problems," said Kyaw Kyaw Naing, a 34-year-old Hindu who can dance across linguistic divides in Hindi, Rakhine, Burmese and Rohingya.

Community ties in what is also Myanmar's poorest state have now unravelled.

"We want to go back, but we will not if the Muslims are there."

Muslims have been trying to spin this as some sort of racism and xenophobia by the natives of Burma. Though, one can't even tell the difference between these groups by looking at them. It's only through their intolerant behavior that the Muslim soul identifies itself.

For example, just look at photos of a few Indians. Can you tell who is and who isn't a Muslim?

The West ought to be learning from this chaos and carnage. Otherwise, the natives of the West will also have no choice but to fight.

Pain in the ass (PIA)

A hotel in the United Kingdom has told the Pakistan International (PIA) Airlines that it would not rent rooms to the airline’s crew anymore, Express News reported.


The hotel told the national flag carrier that female guests at the hotel felt insecure in the presence of PIA’s male crew.

It added that it had received multiple complaints of the airline’s male staff asking female guests at the hotel for their phone numbers.

You see, they treat their women with respect by covering them in garbage bags but White girls and women are whores who are good for one thing only. That's the view among Muslims especially in Pakistan. This is why thousands of non-Muslim, White girls were used as sex slaves by Pakistanis in England. Now, we have the male crew of Pakistani airlines harassing White women in a hotel.

Note, these Pakistanis aren't poor, uneducated, marginalized fellows. They're rich, credentialed, English-speaking Muslims with a sick, disgusting mentality.


Your Muslim assimilation:

Belgian newspaper Het Laatste News (The Latest News, HLN) reported on 21 September that a police officer from the Brussels precinct has been jailed. The suspect, Momo E.S., is said to be of “North African descent.

He has been detained and was being questioned for having sent information on a pending investigation into terrorism to the suspected parties. He did so by using WhatsApp. The Brussels Prosecutor’s Office and the Internal Affairs bureau of the police researched the movements of Momo E.S. for weeks. They are now convinced he informed those under investigation of an active terrorism-inquiry of its progress.

Say No to Indonesia

A PETITION intended to target same-sex relationships in Indonesia could have a huge impact on Australians visiting the tourist hotspot of Bali.

The petition, which was been put before Indonesia’s Constitutional Court this year, proposes amending the criminal code to criminalise sex outside of marriage as well as same-sex relations.

With everything that has happened in the last two decades, you would have to be an utter fool to even think about visiting the largest Islamic country in the world. Of course, it's cheap but do you really want to risk time behind bars for kissing your girlfriend?

Indonesia’s Aceh Province, on the northern tip of Sumatra island, is among the only place in the Muslim-majority country which implements the strict version of Sharia Law.

Under this law crimes including homosexuality and sex outside marriage are severely punished.

Aussies ought to vacation in civilized countries.

That's not how this works

Here is the text of the First Amendment to the US Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

A suspected retard opines:

More Trump


[...] Trump’s got his opponents arguing against the National Anthem, so maybe he’s not as dumb as you think. But whenever you wonder why we’re in a situation where Trump’s driving this sort of narrative, remember that we got Trump because the respectable political class did such a sorry job that there was an opening for Trump.

It's almost like they hate the decent, hard working, White majority.

Planet of the monkeys

Vox Day:

Unearthed this beautiful example of an SJW tactic just today. Watching SJWs attempt to babble incoherently about logic is rather like watching monkeys chewing the covers off of books and bragging how they've totally got this "reading" thing down.

Like, OMG, did Vox just insult monkeys!? This is NOT OKAY!

Seriously, SJWs have a lot in common with Muslims. They're both irrational, ignorant, vulgar and extraordinarily smug.

Odd praise for Jews

This is unexpected:

An Iraqi cleric recently praised the Jewish people for having emerged from the Holocaust following World War II and managed to win the “respect of the world through science,” while Muslims are seen as having become “the world’s headache.”

Jew-hatred is built into the DNA of Islam. This cleric is putting his life in danger by openly praising the Jews.

“How many Nobel prizes in the field of science have they won, and how many have we won, in the last century?” he asked. “We, with almost two billion Muslims, have won 10 Nobel prizes in a hundred years. They number 17 million, and how many prizes have they won in the past hundred years? 200. They have won 200 prizes, 50-60 of them in physics alone.

Muslims have won 12 Nobel prizes -- 7 of which have humorously been for "peace". The one and only "Muslim" physics winner is not even considered a Muslim by most of the ummah.

London in the current year

Pictured: Stratford shopping centre doors covered in acid after gang spray crowds with noxious substance injuring six in frightening mass attack.

Witnesses described the panic in the moments after the mass attack as injured people hurried to wash their faces and limbs with water.

One man who was splashed in the face with acid could be heard screaming: 'I can't see, I can't see'.

Police have ruled out terrorism and arrested one man on suspicion of GBH. Witnesses claimed the substance was thrown by 'young black teenage males' after an argument broke out.

If these black teenage males are infidels, then they should be ashamed for culturally appropriating an Islamic mode of attack. This is NOT OKAY!

Destroyer of Worlds



NYC would suffer, at least, a quarter million dead with the 15 kiloton bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima. This would be the "best case scenario" if someone ever detonated a nuke there. Why? Because almost every nuke designed today is of higher yield. 

Worst case? 100 megatons. 8 million dead. 6.6 million injured.

Contempt for the kufaar

What's on the Mind of a Muslim 'Refugee'?

Last year, three Afghans stopped in front of my house on the same island and asked for drinking water. I gave them three bottles and asked if they needed anything else. Coffee? They accepted and sat down in the garden chairs.

Over coffee, they said they were glad to be hosted "not by an infidel on this infidel island" but by a Muslim. The young Afghan who was dressed like a dancer from a cheap hip-hop clip on MTV said, "One day we good Muslims will conquer their infidel lands." I asked why he was receiving "infidel" money for living. "It's just halal," he answered. "They ['infidels'] are too easy to fool."

The infidels are learning the hard way with all the cultural enrichment.

Capital flight

A big Canadian player has quietly picked up his chips and is heading for the exit amid the tumult over the Trudeau government's controversial tax proposals.

A business owner has informed John Manley, the head of an organization representing Canada's largest corporations, that he has moved billions of dollars outside the country since the Liberals formally proposed their tax changes in mid-July.

The rich are not going to sit around for the rules to change and then pay tens of millions of dollars in extra taxes. They'll simply move their money.

"There's all sorts of business immigration programs that are out there encouraging entrepreneurs to pick up and leave," said Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

"Canada has to watch out because business owners in lots of areas can be quite mobile."

The top marginal tax rate in Ontario is 53.53%. The government ought to be decreasing such an atrocious rate instead of changing the rules to hit more people with it.

Math by Islam

In Saudi Arabia, where women cannot drive, a senior state cleric has ruled women should not be allowed behind the wheel because they have "a quarter the brainpower of men".

He's being awfully generous.

"Would you give a man with half an intellect a driving licence? So how would you give one to a woman when she has half an intellect," he said.

"And if they go out to the market this gets halved again! So they now have a quarter of an intellect," Hajari said without giving an explanation for his reasoning.

SHUT UP! This is ISLAM! No explanation needed.

Importing traitors, igniting war

The number of radical Islamist and jihadi sympathizers in Sweden has reported to have jumped from hundreds to thousands, a rise which Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) boss Anders Thornberg himself called "enormous." Earlier this year, the number of violent Islamist extremists was identified as "slightly over 2,000," which is a tenfold increase compared with 2010, when their number was reported as being "about 200."

Muslims in the West are always downplaying the threat of Jihad. One thing they say is that a very tiny minority of Muslims are terrorists. This is true but deceptive.

This is something the West has trouble understanding. Yet, the same type of structure holds for the Western countries. US soldiers, approximately 1% of the US population, have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Even though, the majority of US citizens are not fighting the Jihadists, they still support the troops.

The same is true for Muslims:

Anders Thornberg described the individuals as "frequenting the circles where the idea of an Islamist Caliphate is supported," adding that they were not necessarily plotting a terrorist attack, but rather helped with money and logistics.

[Emphasis mine.]

An overwhelming majority of Muslims are not going to engage in war. However, they do provide moral and financial support to their brothers who do go on to murder infidels. When Osama bin Laden was targeting America in the 1990s, there were donation boxes in Saudi stores; the money went to the mujahideen in Afghanistan -- basically al Qaeda.

Prepare for exciting times

Top Greens politician says Germany would be boring without Islam, uses Yazidis fleeing Islam in campaign poster.

Technically, she's correct. Female genital mutilation, flying homosexuals, child rape, trucks of tolerance, AK-47 shootings, another Reich, and the possibility of a thermonuclear detonation -- that's all so exciting compared to the boring, homogeneous, White, Christian, civilized Germany.

Fake Muslim, fake statistics

The fake Muslim links to a story that is demonstrably false.

They and untold thousands like them are the extremists who hide among us, the right-wing militants who, since 2002, have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have. In that time, according to New America, a Washington think tank, Islamists launched nine attacks that murdered 45, while the right-wing extremists struck 18 times, leaving 48 dead.

Two points:

1. Since 2002!? Yeah, let's not count 9/11. Wouldn't want to mess with The Narrative.

2. The article is from 2/4/2016. So, not only does it ignore 9/11; it's old enough to not count June 12, 2016 when Omar Mateen, who swore allegiance to ISIS, murdered 49 people at The Pulse nightclub in Florida.

A Muslim gunned down more people in a few minutes than all the "right-wing" attacks in the US over 14 years!

Yes, the fake Muslim links to a story from February 2016. Why? To give the heinous false impression that Muslims are somehow less of a threat. Rashid is a deceitful little Ahmadi.

Check out the following numbers that I crunched last month.

In the USA:

  • Non-Muslims: 99%
  • Muslims: 1%

In terrorist attacks on US soil from 2000-2017, Americans murdered by:

  • Non-Muslims: 1.7% (54)
  • Muslims: 98.3% (3088)

So, 54 people were murdered in terror attacks by culprits who came from the 320 million infidel population of the US. That's 0.17 murdered in a terrorist attack from every 1 million infidels in America. 3,088 people were murdered in terror attacks by Muslims who come from the total 3 million halaal population of the US. That's 1,029 murdered in a terrorist attack from every 1 million Muslims in America.

When it comes to terrorism in America in the current century:

A) In simple terms, Muslims have murdered 57 times more people than non-Muslims.

B) In proportional terms, a Muslim is 6,100 times more lethal than a non-Muslim.

One has to ignore the numbers, deny reality, and pervert the truth to say that Whites or non-Muslims are the real threat in America.

Won't you feel sorry for the Muslims?

Muslim Girl: An Open Letter to Fashion Designers Who Culturally Appropriate.

I saw a version of my religion taken out of context and put onto the safety of the catwalk as a fashion statement. I saw Marc Jacobs receive praise and accreditation for his new collection, positive publicity and sales. I saw a white male designer receive praise for something that Muslim women wear on the streets while fearing for their lives.

This broad is talking about life in the US.

This is a horrific case of cultural appropriation and it is hardly being talked about because cultural appropriation takes place in fashion All. The. Time.

Forget honor killings, acid attacks, and clit slicing. This is the issue of our time: horrible, no-good white girls who wear Muslim-style clothing!

The stones and trees cry out

He wouldn't be a Muslim if he had enough sense.

Limiting the freedom of "Nazis" or punching "Nazis" is considered acceptable among the Left and its supporters. Soon, the Jew-hating, infidel-loathing Muslims will suffer the same treatment.

What's amusing is watching these halaal fools prepare the rhetorical ammunition for their own defeat.

Caught taping Jihadi porn

Cultural enrichment is warming up in Switzerland:

The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) has filed an indictment in the Federal Criminal Court against three committee members of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS). The OAG alleges that the accused broke federal laws banning support for Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and associated organisations.

Surely, it's all a misunderstanding.

The specific allegation against Cherni is that between the end of September 2015 and mid-October 2015 he made films in Syria with a leading member of the banned terrorist organisation al-Qaeda in Syria, the OAG said in a statement on Thursday.

It took two years for the Swiss government to file this case? I wonder how many other cases are in the pipeline ...

Die-versity is strength!

A neo-Nazi turned Muslim!? Inconceivable!

A neo-Nazi who then became a radical Islamist faces trial in Germany over alleged plans to bomb police and soldiers. Three other defendants stand accused of aiding and abetting the plans.

About those three:

Prosecutors accuse Sasha L. of planning to bomb police and soldiers by luring them into a trap. Three other defendants – Afghan, Turkish and German nationals – also stand accused of aiding and abetting the 26-year-old German.

It warms the heart to know that such a diverse crew of monsters could come together and cooperate to unleash carnage and death. Multiculturalism FTW!

By the way, does this mean that it's okay to punch Afghans and Turks now?