Insufficient Vaginas Problem
Anti-human homosexuals

Normal is wicked

Of course, this is the conclusion:

Two problems with that ridiculous conclusion:

  1. Muslims are NOT A FUCKING RACE!
  2. Islam is one of the most intolerant, retrograde, and evil religions in existence. Of course, sane non-Muslims don't want their sons or daughters to be infected by it. Whites don't want to see their grandchildren going ALLAH AKBAR and murdering innocents.

Imagine if someone asked Jews if they would mind if their sons or daughters wanted to marry a Nazi and, of course, almost all Jews would say NO in horror. Conclusion: Jews hate Whites!

Also, why is it that so many Muslims have no concept of self-awareness? Imagine, if the following questions were asked of Muslims:

  • In Saudi Arabia: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Jew?
  • In Iran: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Zoroastrian?
  • In Pakistan: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Christian?
  • In Bangladesh: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Hindu girl?

What would be the lowest percentage? 90%? 95%? 98%? This type of behavior is normal for Muslims. Yet, somehow, it's horrible and no-good when White people do it.

TL;DR: Muslims "I'm not a racist but I wouldn't want my daughter marrying a filthy Jew."


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