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Limited freedom for Saudi slaves

I wrote this yesterrday:

Let's say that in the near-future in Saudi Arabia:

A) A woman wants to get a driver's license.

B) A woman wants to drive to another city in the country. 

C) A woman wants to cross international borders by driving from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.

Does she still need the permission of her guardian? If she does, then this whole "WOMAN CAN NOW DRIVE!" law is utter nonsense.

B) and C) will be illegal. Can't let those slaves get too far!

Today, we get this information thanks to Bare Naked Islam:


For Saudi women, if your age is under 30, then driving is still illegal.

If you're 30 and older, then you REQUIRE the permission of your father, brother, husband or some other male family member to drive a car!

And then only within the limits of your town or city.

While wearing a strict uniform.

During scheduled times.



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