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Amazon goes about diversity in a most problematic manner.

An email shared online earlier today was sent by an Amazon Web Services recruiter to a woman encouraging her to apply for a software engineering position. The message kicked off with the subject line: "Diversity HIRE :: JOB :: Software Engineer @ Amazon." It may as well have started with: "Dear token minority..."

(Laughs.) Er, I mean this is NOT OKAY!

Marilyn Loden, a Florida-based author and diversity consultant, told us in a phone interview that this is not the way to approach diversity. "You don't put people in a category that is going to put them at a disadvantage," said Loden. "The way to integrate groups that are disadvantaged is not to call attention to them."

Loden said doing so feeds into the backlash against women in tech by those who feel female candidates are getting jobs solely because of gender. "That just makes everyone in the organization angry and encourages the perception that this is not a merit-based hire," she said.

Duh! What the fuck does "diversity" have to do with the success of Amazon? All that should matter for a job is can you do it. But instead, people cry about this:

Amazon faced criticism for its lack of diversity in 2014 when the web giant said 63 per cent of its workers and 75 per cent of its managers worldwide were men. Since then, it has made an effort to become more diverse and has made some progress.

Amazon is intentionally hiring mediocre vaginas to seem "less" sexist. Of course, they have to be, er, diplomatic about it; so as to not hurt the ... (oh, what's that word) ... fragile feelings of those vaginas.


How diversity works in real life:

One particular woman that was hired as manager, happened to check just about every box you can imagine: Woman, Black, morbidly obese, loud, proud, jesus freak... all traits that aren't bad in and of themselves Problem is she was dumb as a box of rocks, and there was pretty much a dedicated crew that had to come behind her and fix every single project or task she was given.

Just so the company could say "we have a diverse array of managers" it costs countless hours and a truck load of money to fix all her fuck ups. It's kind of a slap in the face to all other employees when someone can just float around fucking up constantly but has a golden pass because of their color and gender.

I realize all of the above makes me sound like some racist asshole because I'm a white male, but really all I care about is having someone in a position that can actually DO the job they are assigned. Finding good/reliable people for a job is already a hard enough task before you place artificial restrictions or requirements on it.


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