Alt★Hero rises

America in the current year

The predictable brain-dead response:

The highest household incomes in the US based on ancestory:

  1. Indian American : $100,547
  2. Jewish American : $97,500
  3. Taiwanese American : $85,566
  4. Filipino American : $82,389

What systematic or societal benefits are being provided to Indians, Jews, Taiwanese, and Filipinos in the US?

It's always strange to see Leftists and their Muslim clown friends talk about Whites vs. Blacks and how Whites benefits from the White supremacist system. Yet, hard working Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Jews, Taiwanese, etc. come to the US and make more money than Whites! How is it that the American White supremacist system doesn't help White people when it comes to those races?

Furthermore, the US legal system is biased against Whites. Universities explicitly penalize smart Asians and competent Whites to bring in mediocre Blacks who, shock! surprise!, end up at the bottom of their class. Government contracts specify a diverse workforce (fewer Whites please!) as a condition for prospective employers. If anything, in 2017, there is societal discrimination against Whites (and other high-IQ races) and a systematic bias in favor of Blacks.


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