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Credentialed harpies

The essential problem is that the combination of female solipsism with female hypergamy means that too many women now desire the logically impossible and the statistically improbable. Women are attracted to men who possess qualities of size, earning potential, education, and, yes, intelligence, that are superior to their own. That's fine, but the problem is when they believe that men are attracted to the same thing.

Women say they want equality and a man who is a sensitive feminist and then they go out and buy Fifty Shades of Grey.

Women are attracted to a more intelligent and credentialed man but only 40% of university students are men. These left over women are the architects of their own misery.

But don't you forget: they are very very clever.

Slow motion death of Sweden

Gates of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Sexual Abuse on a Swedish Bus — But the Driver Doesn’t Want to Know.

The girls sat in the middle of the bus and the man sat behind them and continued to harass them:

“Habibi, habibi, I’ve raped your mothers!” he said, threatening to rape even the girls.

He turned especially towards one girl and threatened to first drug her and then rape her:

“You still have too big an a**, but I do not care, I’ll take you in the a**,” said the Arab.

When she said they were only 14 years old to get the Arab to quit, he just said that he didn’t care and that he would “take them in the a**” anyway.

He was arrested.

The 32-year-old man has now been sentenced to a month’s imprisonment by the Malmö District Court for sexual abuse and unlawful threats.

Soak the rich

Finance Minister Bill Morneau received an earful on the Liberals' proposed tax changes and was often drowned out by a largely critical crowd during a town hall meeting in Oakville, Ont., on Friday morning.

This is classic:

"Of course someone is going to incorporate to reduce their tax burden, it's completely unreasonable to ask someone to spend more than 50 per cent of their income tax alone in tax," said one man at the microphone.

What's truly atrocious is how many times the governments tax the same money. After income tax, one has to pay property tax from the remaining money. And after paying those two taxes, when one goes to buy stuff: sales tax. The same income is taxed three times!

If the rich, you know those horrible engineers and greedy doctors, had no choice but to pay these taxes in full, then their total tax rate would easily be higher than 60%. Of course, as you'll hear and read, they still need to have their tax rates increased because they're not paying their fair share.

The session ended with Morneau being interrupted again while talking about trying to make the system more fair.

Fair? Oh, that's simple: a flat tax. Everyone pays the same rate. That would be fair. Not this monstrosity of a system with ELEVEN brackets.

Normal is wicked

Of course, this is the conclusion:

Two problems with that ridiculous conclusion:

  1. Muslims are NOT A FUCKING RACE!
  2. Islam is one of the most intolerant, retrograde, and evil religions in existence. Of course, sane non-Muslims don't want their sons or daughters to be infected by it. Whites don't want to see their grandchildren going ALLAH AKBAR and murdering innocents.

Imagine if someone asked Jews if they would mind if their sons or daughters wanted to marry a Nazi and, of course, almost all Jews would say NO in horror. Conclusion: Jews hate Whites!

Also, why is it that so many Muslims have no concept of self-awareness? Imagine, if the following questions were asked of Muslims:

  • In Saudi Arabia: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Jew?
  • In Iran: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Zoroastrian?
  • In Pakistan: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Christian?
  • In Bangladesh: would you mind if your daughter wanted to marry a Hindu girl?

What would be the lowest percentage? 90%? 95%? 98%? This type of behavior is normal for Muslims. Yet, somehow, it's horrible and no-good when White people do it.

TL;DR: Muslims "I'm not a racist but I wouldn't want my daughter marrying a filthy Jew."

Insufficient Vaginas Problem

Amazon goes about diversity in a most problematic manner.

An email shared online earlier today was sent by an Amazon Web Services recruiter to a woman encouraging her to apply for a software engineering position. The message kicked off with the subject line: "Diversity HIRE :: JOB :: Software Engineer @ Amazon." It may as well have started with: "Dear token minority..."

(Laughs.) Er, I mean this is NOT OKAY!

Marilyn Loden, a Florida-based author and diversity consultant, told us in a phone interview that this is not the way to approach diversity. "You don't put people in a category that is going to put them at a disadvantage," said Loden. "The way to integrate groups that are disadvantaged is not to call attention to them."

Loden said doing so feeds into the backlash against women in tech by those who feel female candidates are getting jobs solely because of gender. "That just makes everyone in the organization angry and encourages the perception that this is not a merit-based hire," she said.

Duh! What the fuck does "diversity" have to do with the success of Amazon? All that should matter for a job is can you do it. But instead, people cry about this:

Amazon faced criticism for its lack of diversity in 2014 when the web giant said 63 per cent of its workers and 75 per cent of its managers worldwide were men. Since then, it has made an effort to become more diverse and has made some progress.

Amazon is intentionally hiring mediocre vaginas to seem "less" sexist. Of course, they have to be, er, diplomatic about it; so as to not hurt the ... (oh, what's that word) ... fragile feelings of those vaginas.


How diversity works in real life:

One particular woman that was hired as manager, happened to check just about every box you can imagine: Woman, Black, morbidly obese, loud, proud, jesus freak... all traits that aren't bad in and of themselves Problem is she was dumb as a box of rocks, and there was pretty much a dedicated crew that had to come behind her and fix every single project or task she was given.

Just so the company could say "we have a diverse array of managers" it costs countless hours and a truck load of money to fix all her fuck ups. It's kind of a slap in the face to all other employees when someone can just float around fucking up constantly but has a golden pass because of their color and gender.

I realize all of the above makes me sound like some racist asshole because I'm a white male, but really all I care about is having someone in a position that can actually DO the job they are assigned. Finding good/reliable people for a job is already a hard enough task before you place artificial restrictions or requirements on it.

Muslims vs. Muslims*

No love for Ahmadis in the Islamic world:

Malaysia’s prominent female Islamic scholar and former member of the Cabinet Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim has called for action against “the dissemination of deviant teachings of Qadianis”, a peaceful minority Islamic sect considered heretic by mainstream Muslims.


In 1998, Malaysia’s Selangor Fatwa Committee ruled that followers of Ahmadiyya or Qadiani teachings are “kafir” or non-believers and that any individual that follows Qadiani teachings is an apostate, according to the national e-fatwa database.

In 1984, Pakistan passed a law declaring followers of the Ahmadiyya sect as non-Muslims and allowed the authorities to jail them for “posing as a Muslim” or “offending a Muslim’s feelings”, according to an earlier Reuters report.

* I think that Ahmadiyya can be considered as a sect of Islam since Ahmadis do follow a majority of the Islamic canon. However, non-Ahmadi Muslims do have a point when they say that Ahmadi teachings are too far out. The mainstream Muslims have the right to classify Ahmadis as non-Muslims. In a sane world, this wouldn't be a big deal. Of course, given the nature of Islam, this means that the mainstream Muslims can wage open war on Ahmadis.

Think about it: how can the mainstream Muslims fight against the millions of evil Jews in Israel and the hundreds of millions of dirty infidels in the West when they can't even "deal with" a few thousands filthy, kafir Ahmadis within their midst? Hence, the mere existence of Ahmadis in Islamic lands showcases the impotence and utter powerlessness of mainstream Muslims.

Given this wicked mindset, we'll see even more severe discrimination against Ahmadis in Muslim countries.

Gender segregation against equality?

We've got some smart people working at the London School of Economics:

A top UK university has accepted that gender segregation that took place at a gala dinner, which saw women and men separated by a curtain, was unlawful, The Independent can reveal.

The London School of Economics (LSE) came under fire in March last year after the Islamic Society held a gala dinner for which students had to buy separate tickets depending on whether they were a “brother” or a “sister”.

When they arrived at the event, held at a banqueting hall in central London, there was a large screen separating the men’s tables from the women’s ones, stopping the attendees from even looking at each other.

At least this way the "brothers" don't rape their "sisters".

Alt★Hero rises

Vox Day:

Four hours. Four freaking hours! That's how long it took to fully fund Alt★Hero by 242 backers, which is now officially green-lighted. Someone told me that it would be fully funded on the first day and I did not believe them, although the five thousand angry tweets by Comics SJWs in response to one image of Rebel did make me wonder.

Wow. That's an average of over $100 per supporter!

America in the current year

The predictable brain-dead response:

The highest household incomes in the US based on ancestory:

  1. Indian American : $100,547
  2. Jewish American : $97,500
  3. Taiwanese American : $85,566
  4. Filipino American : $82,389

What systematic or societal benefits are being provided to Indians, Jews, Taiwanese, and Filipinos in the US?

It's always strange to see Leftists and their Muslim clown friends talk about Whites vs. Blacks and how Whites benefits from the White supremacist system. Yet, hard working Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Jews, Taiwanese, etc. come to the US and make more money than Whites! How is it that the American White supremacist system doesn't help White people when it comes to those races?

Furthermore, the US legal system is biased against Whites. Universities explicitly penalize smart Asians and competent Whites to bring in mediocre Blacks who, shock! surprise!, end up at the bottom of their class. Government contracts specify a diverse workforce (fewer Whites please!) as a condition for prospective employers. If anything, in 2017, there is societal discrimination against Whites (and other high-IQ races) and a systematic bias in favor of Blacks.

Can't deny the love and peace

Riaz Afridi, a Muslim in Pakistan, does a miraculous job of distilling Islam in one tweet:

Clarification on those who decide to leave Islam:

Muslim rape gangs in Scotland

Britain’s grooming epidemic has spread to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.

Authorities are probing yet another potential grooming ring after receiving reports of a gang targeting girls as young as 14 in an area of the city known as ‘the four corners’, at the junction of Argyle Street and Union Street.


“Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, all the girls have been made to believe these men are their boyfriends.

“It’s white females they are hitting on, aged 14 to 19.”

It's surprising to see these moderate Muslims go for such older girls. Their "perfect man" went for a six-years-old. He raped her when she turned nine.

Fake Muslim attempts economics

Who the hell looks at total debt without considering income, GDP or population? What an utterly lame attempt at deception by the fake Muslim. Looks like an infidel has to do the honest number crunching.


  • Debt = $125 billion
  • GDP = $748 billion
  • Population = 20.6 million
  • Debt / Person = $6,067
  • Debt / GDP = 16.7%

Peurto Rico:

  • Debt = $73 billion
  • GDP = $103 billion
  • Population = 3.6 million
  • Debt / Person = $20,277
  • Debt / GDP = 70.9%

In relative terms, Peurto Rico's government debt is 4.25 times the size of debt in Florida.

Marvel's new Thor!

So diverse: Devout Muslim father who served time for raping a schoolgirl savagely beat his 17-year-old daughter and her secret boyfriend with a hammer after he caught them having sex in her bedroom.

Businessman Soruth Ali, 42, was woken up at 5am by noises coming from the bedroom of his second eldest's room and walked in to find her and lover James Martin in bed together.

Oops. Seriously, James Martin, you had to do it with a Muslim girl in her house with her dad present!? You're lucky the father didn't have a scimitar.

Limited freedom for Saudi slaves

I wrote this yesterrday:

Let's say that in the near-future in Saudi Arabia:

A) A woman wants to get a driver's license.

B) A woman wants to drive to another city in the country. 

C) A woman wants to cross international borders by driving from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.

Does she still need the permission of her guardian? If she does, then this whole "WOMAN CAN NOW DRIVE!" law is utter nonsense.

B) and C) will be illegal. Can't let those slaves get too far!

Today, we get this information thanks to Bare Naked Islam:


For Saudi women, if your age is under 30, then driving is still illegal.

If you're 30 and older, then you REQUIRE the permission of your father, brother, husband or some other male family member to drive a car!

And then only within the limits of your town or city.

While wearing a strict uniform.

During scheduled times.


Moderate Muslims in Canada

A charity that runs a Vancouver-area mosque has been penalized by federal regulators after an audit found its former president and imam spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal purchases including a spa, jewelry, video games and hair dye.

The Canada Revenue Agency audit of the Islamic Society of British Columbia also alleged the charity was “controlled or influenced” by a Qatar organization accused of supporting terrorism, although that did not result in a penalty.

Such Muslims don't murder infidels; they simply finance the Muslims who do.

Also, in addition to the links to terror, the money was used on:

[...] dish sets, flowers, groceries, pharmacy items, air travel, restaurant meals, car parts, car washes, gas, dry cleaning, a food processor, PlayStation games, an iPad and an iPhone, the CRA letter said.

And that's just from one audit in one mosque.

The fruits of multiculturalism

Raping a child is okay for certain people in Sweden:

Despite clearly contradicting Swedish law, underage immigrant wives have been repeatedly allowed to stay with their husbands by Sweden's local municipalities, which defend their decisions by citing humanitarian issues.

Those laws are for the White people of Sweden.

At present, Swedish legislation on child marriages seems to be applied differently in different municipalities. Earlier this year, the Administrative Court of Växjö ruled that a 14-year-old pregnant girl could be placed with her adult husband's immigrant family, arguing that this was part of their culture. Remarkably, both the girl and her spouse were highly critical of the Swedish law banning underage marriage.

Of course. They have no qualms about taking thousands of kronor from stupid Swedes. Yet, they have no intention of following the laws of the same dirty infidels. Underage marriage is merely one of the topics.

What about:

  1. Marrying a cousin?
  2. Female genital mutilation?
  3. Beating a wife?
  4. Gender segregation?
  5. Strict hijab?
  6. Banning dogs?
  7. Halaal foods only? etc.

Will the Swedes roll over, murder their own culture, and simply hand their nation over to these savages? Or will they wake up in time to save their nation?

Same old drama

The same people who whine about a "living wage" don't care much when the wage for many drops to $0 per hour.

Two new reports warn that plans to boost the minimum wage in Ontario and Alberta will likely result in higher unemployment in the provinces.

Alberta’s move to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018 could lead to the loss of roughly 25,000 jobs, according to a report published by the CD Howe Institute. Meanwhile, a TD bank report says Ontario’s plan to boost the minimum wage could contribute to the loss of up to 150,000 jobs in the province by the end of the decade.

After these minimum wage hikes, we'll see higher prices for foods, rent spikes, expensive clothing and then unexpectedly soon that "living wage" will no longer be sufficient ... raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour! Rinse and repeat.

Halaal cars trilogy

Robert Spencer:

Saudi women still can’t leave home without permission from a male guardian. They still are subject to being beaten for their perceived disobedience, with no recourse. They can be divorced at a word. They receive a smaller share of the inheritance. Their testimony is worth half that of a man. They must cover their heads when they do venture out or be subject to arrest. All that is based on Islamic law.

Let's say that in the near-future in Saudi Arabia:

A) A woman wants to get a driver's license.

B) A woman wants to drive to another city in the country. 

C) A woman wants to cross international borders by driving from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.

Does she still need the permission of her guardian? If she does, then this whole "WOMAN CAN NOW DRIVE!" law is utter nonsense.

Fake tax cuts

Middle-income families face higher personal income taxes due to changes implemented by the Liberal government, finds a new report by the Fraser Institute.

While the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reduced the marginal tax rates for income between $46,000 and $92,000, it also implemented other reforms that have resulted in most Canadians with children and middling incomes paying more, on net, in income taxes than they did before, according to the study.

I remember a lady at my workplace was so, er, excited about this. She told me that her "income tax cut" amounted to $600. She had also calculated "other payments" she would have to make thanks to Trudeau's plan. That came out to an extra $1,000 to the government.

Her total middle class tax cut was -$400. Yippie!

Lower-middle-class families, those with household incomes between, roughly, $52,000 and $77,000 are paying $382 more on average, with nearly 70 per cent paying more.

Look on the bright side, Canadians. Next year, you'll be able to smoke your concerns away. Weed is going to be legal baby!

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslims?

[...] there appears to be considerable evidence such ethnic cleansing is occurring -- mainly the 400,000 Rohingya refugees that have streamed across the border into Bangladesh.

What is, as the Left likes to say, the "root cause"?

[...] there is emerging evidence of ethnic and religious cleansing of Hindus and Buddhists caused by the Saudi- and Pakistani-backed Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) terror group, which kicked off the crisis with attacks on Myanmar border posts on August 25 that killed dozens of Myanmar's military personnel.

An Islamic terrorist group that murders infidels!? Unreal.

Several neighboring countries, including India, Malaysia and Bangladesh, are pointing out the ties between ARSA and international terror groups, including Al-Qaeda. Funding, arms, and leadership for ARSA are coming from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The media spin is not working:

Retired senior State Department diplomat Priscilla Clapp, who served as chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Rangoon, expressly rejected the received international media slant on the current crisis, saying: "I simply don't accept the narrative."

The Buddhists are not afflicted with White guilt. Many of them have had enough. Now they're simply kicking the Muslims out. All things considered, that's likely the least violent option.

Suspected retard returns

Colin Kaepernick:

I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.

According to Tariq Nasheed, Colin Kaepernick is a SUSPECTED WHITE SUPREMACIST!

Dun Dun DUN!

Bacha bazi

Looks like one pious Muslim couldn't wait for his pearls:

Peer Aijaz Sheikh has indeed left indelible scars on his alleged victims. Speaking to Mail Today, the rape survivors recall chilling tales of abuse, fear and pain inflicted upon by Sheikh, who has been accused of raping minor boys in Kashmir on the pretext of warding off evil by summoning jinns.

The utter stupidity of the parents can't be overlooked:

"I was in Class 4 when I met the Peer. One day he took me to his leisure house in Dangerpora. He would tell his followers to bring a child aged 12 or below, and let the child to spend the night with him [...]

This is just the beginning. If the parents and the police did their jobs, then we would see scores of such cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan.