The international crouton struggles
Run cockroach run!

Schmucks and spongers

So-called asylum seekers from war-torn nations including Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and registered as refugees have been heading back on ‘vacation’ to the countries from which they claim to have fled. Even worse, many are financing their trips back home with welfare payments they are continuing to receive from hard-working taxpayers in Europe.

This reminds me of a woman at work who described a tale of sorrow. She had left her cruise ship to enter an exotic land when she saw a poor girl who had no legs. This child was begging for money. This woman was shocked and gave the kid a few dollars worth of cash.

Of course, evil minds understand the gullibility and generosity of the West. Wicked men kidnap boys and girls, chop off their legs, and then place them in front of tourists who can't help but open their wallets.

Merkel opened the borders for refugees. Viola! Everyone coming from Africa and elsewhere magically became a refugee. These parasites got the money and then upped the purchasing power by vacationing in their "hostile" lands.


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