Smug children
Religious police in action

Oppressed Black Whale

Muslim Girl:

I use this world a lot. Visibility. Then I always add “proper representation” to that. Not only do I want to be visible, but I want to be properly represented in the world I live in.

That's five "I"s in three sentences.

The oppression in the US is increasingly overwhelming:

Go into your local Barnes & Noble. Scan through the magazine section. Tell me how many white or ambiguous looking thin people are on the covers. Tell me how many dark-skin Latinas or Asians are on the covers. Muslims? Fat people? People with disabilities?

You must have a heart of stone to not laugh at that.

One-third of the Muslim population in Michigan are African-American. But when media outlets come to the city, they miraculously only find “acceptable” Muslims to interview and highlight. We are buried and hidden once again.

Just like in White AmeriKKKa.

Can't imagine how anyone can bury or hide her.


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