Those terrible, horrible, no-good Jews
This day, we fight!

Just shut up

Why not move on? Three reasons:

  1. Muslims lie and claim that their religion is PEACEFUL, FEMINIST, TOLERANT. Plus wouldn't it be nice if we had sharia in the West?
  2. Islamic nations ban any and all criticism of Islam. Therefore, it's largely the ex-Muslims who have the knowledge, the experience and the freedom to showcase the ugliness of this gutter religion.
  3. Muslims in the West have explicitly stated that apostates must be put to death. Perhaps, you can "move on" when scores of people are openly, and without consequence, calling for your slaughter.

Jimmy Khan knows that with each ex-Muslim, the world gets another clear window into the wickedness. Islam is evil and false. It cannot withstand scrutiny. All Jimmy can say to ex-Muslims is: Stop, shut up, move on.

Don't see ex-Hindu, ex-Christians, etc?

Yeah because those religions don't advocate murder for those who leave. The most stunning and spectacular example is A. R. Rahman. He was born into a Hindu family. He converted to Islam early in life. Afterwards, he becomes the most celebrated and, in my opinion, the greatest music composer in Indian history. He also has two Oscars.

How many successful, or for that matter merely breathing, ex-Muslims do you know in Islamic societies?


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