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Can we get some jazz hands?

Parents in the northeast of Nigeria are giving their daughters to Boko Haram terrorists for indoctrination and suicide bombing missions, the country’s military said.

Some arrested female suicide bombers have testified that “minors were donated to the terrorists sect’’ by their parents and guardians, as part of their contribution to the Boko Haram insurgency, spokesman Sani Usman said in a statement Sunday on the Nigerian Army’s website. Authorities are appealing to religious and community leaders to help stop the practice, he said.

Feminist Islam, baby! Muslim men have been killing themselves for 72 virgins Islam for centuries. It's about time the Muslimas stood up to narrow this problematic gender gap.

Just shut up

Why not move on? Three reasons:

  1. Muslims lie and claim that their religion is PEACEFUL, FEMINIST, TOLERANT. Plus wouldn't it be nice if we had sharia in the West?
  2. Islamic nations ban any and all criticism of Islam. Therefore, it's largely the ex-Muslims who have the knowledge, the experience and the freedom to showcase the ugliness of this gutter religion.
  3. Muslims in the West have explicitly stated that apostates must be put to death. Perhaps, you can "move on" when scores of people are openly, and without consequence, calling for your slaughter.

Jimmy Khan knows that with each ex-Muslim, the world gets another clear window into the wickedness. Islam is evil and false. It cannot withstand scrutiny. All Jimmy can say to ex-Muslims is: Stop, shut up, move on.

Don't see ex-Hindu, ex-Christians, etc?

Yeah because those religions don't advocate murder for those who leave. The most stunning and spectacular example is A. R. Rahman. He was born into a Hindu family. He converted to Islam early in life. Afterwards, he becomes the most celebrated and, in my opinion, the greatest music composer in Indian history. He also has two Oscars.

How many successful, or for that matter merely breathing, ex-Muslims do you know in Islamic societies?

Schmucks and spongers

So-called asylum seekers from war-torn nations including Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and registered as refugees have been heading back on ‘vacation’ to the countries from which they claim to have fled. Even worse, many are financing their trips back home with welfare payments they are continuing to receive from hard-working taxpayers in Europe.

This reminds me of a woman at work who described a tale of sorrow. She had left her cruise ship to enter an exotic land when she saw a poor girl who had no legs. This child was begging for money. This woman was shocked and gave the kid a few dollars worth of cash.

Of course, evil minds understand the gullibility and generosity of the West. Wicked men kidnap boys and girls, chop off their legs, and then place them in front of tourists who can't help but open their wallets.

Merkel opened the borders for refugees. Viola! Everyone coming from Africa and elsewhere magically became a refugee. These parasites got the money and then upped the purchasing power by vacationing in their "hostile" lands.

The international crouton struggles

Amry supports Islam in theory but she now resides in a 99% non-Muslim society. Why didn't she (or her parents) move to any of the other fifty Muslim-majority countries?

How does one mentally support a religion among whose adherents and regulations one doesn't want to live with? How can one remain proud of a country and yet leave it all together? How can one be proud of the US when its English, White, Christian roots mightily clash with in-bred, Arab Islam?

It'll remain a struggle not because of the shame but because it's schizophrenic.

How to rape, rob or kill more women

Muh feminism in the current year:

How dare York University tell young women to watch the amount of alcohol they consume! This oppression will not stand! Women can drink whatever they want in however quantity they want until they pass out. We must utterly ignore the increased probability of them getting raped, robbed or ending up as dinner on Mr. Lecter's plate.

The backup beta

The upside to all this beta male thirst and beta female folly is that the poz-facilitated bluster of the latter exposes the former to the gearbox working under the hood of female sexuality. More beta males who would normally go to their graves devoted polishers of the pussy pedestal are being forced by the unleashed female id to confront the bankruptcy of their romantic ideals, and the reality they are getting front row seats to observe is not a pretty one.

The truth is bitter.

Rape is bad but ...

Abid Jee educates Italians in the Art of Rape:

A 24-year-old apparently Muslim 'cultural mediator' for an Italian migrant-reception cooperative got into hot water Monday by saying rape was "a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse".

He sounds like he has been on the receiving end a few times.

There were calls for the man, Abid Jee, to be sacked over the Facebook post, which caused a stir despite being quickly removed.

The fire will rise

The Brits wanted no part of war in 1935. Ten years later, they were firebombing German cities.

More than four in 10 people in England are more suspicious of Muslims as a result of recent terrorist attacks, despite the country becoming more tolerant and open overall, according to a major new study.

Figures reveal that following recent incidents in Westminster, Manchester and Borough Market, 42 per cent of people have less trust for Muslims in Britain, while more than half (52 per cent) believe Islam is a threat to the West.

That's just from the use of knives, cars and small bombs. Just wait till the Muslims use a WMD on British soil. The response will be worse than in 1945.

Whites vs. Colored Cunts

America will be majority non-White in a little over two decades. The hatred and envy will eventually split America apart. Whites will form their own new nation. The coloreds who scream White Supremacy for racial differences will get their own country. The Whites will prosper; the rest will fail and continue their victimhood dance without Whites.

The mad people

Of course, tearing down statues was merely the beginning.

I wonder how long it will take before the American dollar itself becomes problematic. It has images of slave owners! Every time a Black man buys some product with cash, he's reminded of the horrible, terrible past and how even today the Americans glorify owners of slaves on their currency. Shame!

Burn the dollars! BURN THEM ALL!

The rest will learn

Fast learner:

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was in Salzburg, Austria last Wednesday, to meet Emmanuel Macron and the heads of governments of Slovakia and Austria to discuss the reform of the posted workers directive. The Czech Prime Minister also took advantage of his presence in the Alpine republic to give an interview to the Austrian newspaper Die Presse, where he said his country do not want to welcome more Muslims.

Religious police in action

Indeed, these Indonesians are very moderate today. They don't cover up their women in black garbage bags. Yet.

Remember, folks, wearing the burqa is a choice!

The future of Indonesian women:

Future of women

Oppressed Black Whale

Muslim Girl:

I use this world a lot. Visibility. Then I always add “proper representation” to that. Not only do I want to be visible, but I want to be properly represented in the world I live in.

That's five "I"s in three sentences.

The oppression in the US is increasingly overwhelming:

Go into your local Barnes & Noble. Scan through the magazine section. Tell me how many white or ambiguous looking thin people are on the covers. Tell me how many dark-skin Latinas or Asians are on the covers. Muslims? Fat people? People with disabilities?

You must have a heart of stone to not laugh at that.

One-third of the Muslim population in Michigan are African-American. But when media outlets come to the city, they miraculously only find “acceptable” Muslims to interview and highlight. We are buried and hidden once again.

Just like in White AmeriKKKa.

Can't imagine how anyone can bury or hide her.

Smug children

Victor Davis Hanson:

Ours is an age that passes easy judgment on prior generations by sandblasting away the mention of those deemed unsuitable in the past, often by our present and sometimes laudable standards of morality—but without much concession to the cruel physical landscapes and poverty of the past or our own shortcomings that will be all too clear to subsequent ages. Which prompts more activist outrage by Antifa—a century-old sullen statue of a beaten secessionist Robert E. Lee or the indifference shown to unchecked bloodletting and murder in the streets of Chicago?

This story never gets old:

Two years later [after 9/11] I gave a lecture on illegal immigration to congressional staffers on Capitol Hill; an activist who was a liberal California House member’s aide, disrupted it, screaming that because I was a “classicist” I must believe in “classist” privilege and “classist” prejudice—and therefore should not be allowed to continue. Again, arrogance and ignorance are our era’s trademark.

Yup. Sadly, this is not limited to the US. The forefather of modern-day Spaniards fought with Muslims for almost 800 years to reclaim the Iberian Peninsula. Earlier this year, tens of thousands of people in Barcelona marched to open their borders to the heirs of those same barbarians and savages who were expelled.

Now, blood runs in the streets of Spain.

White = enemy

A White guy is ruthlessly assaulted by multiple Antifa thugs and this is the response from one morally retarded cunt:

Freedom of speech is very important. It allows the sane portion of society to see the ugly nature of characters like Tariq Nasheed.

No mercy for Muslims

In the latest of many moves by China to disrupt the practice of Islam, with the ultimate goal of eliminating it, Chinese officials are taking down thousands of high-volume amplifiers from hundreds of mosques in the Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang, to stop the loud and offensive Muslim ‘Calls to Prayer’ five times a day.

This is a war that Muslims will ultimately lose. Their religion and in-bred cultures doom them to mediocrity anyway but when they attack every creed and race of infidel on the planet, then it's game over.

The Chinese don't possess the cockamamie White guilt. They'll be ruthless with Muslims. The tortured West will turn a blind eye; the same as they did when the Russians raped Germany in 1945.

Just found that Islamic feminism

Moderate Malaysia:

Women are feeling empowered to pursue careers in the Islamic justice system, from judges and lawyers to court mediators.

Sluts are definitely not part of the Muslim Sisterhood:

Judge Nenney also hears "khalwat" cases, an Islamic offence where unmarried men and women are found together in "close proximity".

She says in the most serious cases, she sentences offenders to six strokes of the cane, a 5,000 ringgit fine ($1,166) and a one-month jail term.

Some critics have suggested that female judges may favour women, but Judge Nenney denies being more sympathetic towards women. "We can put our emotions aside," she says. "I have my empathy to them, I can put myself in their shoes, but not sympathy. I need to play my role as a judge, then make a decision on how they present their case."

The enforcers of Islamic evil. Now with more vaginas! So progressive.

Dhimmi Britain

A Christian girl was put in a Muslim-infested foster home:

“And more recently the girl told her that ‘Christmas and Easter are stupid’ and that ‘European women are stupid and alcoholic’…the child was ‘very distressed’ and claimed the foster carer had removed her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic.”

Imagine what the outcry would be if a Muslim child were placed in a Christian family that denigrated her Muslim beliefs. And that would never happen in Britain or anywhere else in the West. But this incident is all in a day’s work in shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain, in which the May government is so bent on appeasing Islamic supremacists and jihadis that it is willingly sacrificing non-Muslim children to the chimera of a harmonious multicultural future, a vision that will dissolve in blood.

Britain is very sick.

Freedom gone

You didn't think it would stop with statues, did you?

'Gone With The Wind' has been pulled from a Memphis theater after patrons complained the 1939 Civil War classic is racially insensitive. The Orpheum Theatre Group made the decision after patrons took issue with the screening of the movie starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara on August 11.

It would have been quite something to watch that movie on the big screen. Those who don't like it could have simply stayed home. But nope. The film should not be viewed at all by anyone.

Soon, Fight Club and The Matrix will be on the hit list of SJWs.

Super Poz

Advertisers are moving away from using pictures of white and straight couples for fear of offending gay people or being accused of homophobia.

Why can't we get a gay, brown, disabled, obese, Muslim man (who identifies as a strong, independent and fierce woman) in an advertisement?


Real slavery exists

It isn't a White people problem today:

The routine abuse of thousands of enslaved Mauritanians, including rape, beatings and unpaid labour, should prevent the African republic from receiving US trade benefits, American labour unions have said.


“The government of Mauritania routinely fails to conduct investigations into cases of slavery, rarely pursues prosecutions for those responsible for the practice and fails to ensure access to remedy or otherwise support victims,” the union wrote in a petition, adding that the state harasses and imprisons anti-slavery activists and will not publicly acknowledge the continued existence of slavery.

“This represents a total failure to take any meaningful steps to establish freedom from forced labour,” said the petition.

Mauritania abolished slavery in 1981, the last country in the world to do so, but only made it a crime in 2007.

I wonder how the media is going to spin the White Supremacist Nazi Trump telling Mauritania to stop their slavery. How about Trump disrespects African culture; imposes White morality?

Making the future ISIS

I wonder how many of these first cousins were in Pakistan. It's a simple but heinous way of bringing your extended, and retarded, family into the West. Medical issues for the kids? Who cares. The white, infidel taxpayer (thanks NHS!) will foot the bill.

The case for double burqas

Channel 4 News showcases weak strong, parasitical independent Muslim women. Dear lord, are they ugly! That explains the feminist aspect.

Anyway, I agree with the last part: these Muslims ought to be listened to. Why? It illuminates their true character. For example, one of the wretched creatures in the video is Nadia Chan. She has a twitter account:

Of course. The moderates don't murder. They merely support the murderers. And it's all because of the oppression! Solution: sharia!

More right from the source:

Neo-genesis of malevolence

Spencer Case:

Muhammad, who was a warrior as well a prophet, declined to disguise his religious intolerance. In his “farewell sermon” in 632 C.E., he said: “The earth belongs to Allah and His Messenger. Until people say, “There is no god but Allah,” and accept me as His Messenger, I have been commanded to struggle and fight with them.” Ayatollah Khomeini and Osama bin Laden echoed these words to justify their actions. On his deathbed, Muhammad also reported to have said: “Two religions will not live together in the land of the Arabs.” These words would be out of place an interfaith potluck, to say the least. And note that Muhammad spoke them after his pagan enemies had been vanquished.

And now 24% of humanity is chained to this centuries-old evil.