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Arab News: Saudi social media divided over arrest of ‘abaya’-less model Kholoud.

A woman in Saudi Arabia posted a video of herself in which she was walking outside in a miniskirt. This comment by a Muslim is both sad, funny and utterly predictable:

Khuloud is just a puppet. This act was designed and acted deliberately to humiliate Muslims and Saudis in one of the sacred historical sites of Saudi History.

Should i remind you the American celebrity who went to Mosque in Abu Dhabi and took picture of her legs and then uploaded it on Twitter - to show the world that they can desecrate our Holy Sites and nobody can touch them? This is not an isolated incident. Its one of the incidents in the string of well-orchesterated events that are designed to injure and insult Muslims and show the world that Muslim Governments are weak.

Dear reader, who do you think is "orchestrating" these events?

Its the same group of people who organized this event, from outside Saudi Arabia. Most sources are pointing towards Israel.

It's those nefarious Jews, of course!

Apparently it's hard to believe that a young woman simply doesn't want to stroll in a full-body garbage bag in a hellish climate.


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