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The Arabic Islamic call to prayer is called the azaan. It's blasted over loudspeakers from mosques five times a day. One Indian woman didn't like listening to the satanic nonsense at 4:45 a.m.

It's even worse in Saudi Arabia. I lived in a neighborhood in which, at least, five mosques were within earshot. During the summer months, the very first prayer call would shatter your dreams as early as 3:15 a.m. Now, those five mosques wouldn't all start at the same time. So, soon, one would be subjected to the same prayer call, but out-of-sync, from five different mosques.

Let's see how this tyrannical cacophony of noise is sugarcoated:

“Such irresponsible comments have been made in the past also. I am unable to understand what kind of people they are. I would like to know how does azaan, which otherwise purifies you on hearing, bother her. May be her sleep is more important,” SP leader Juhi Singh told ANI, on Monday.


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