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Arrogant Swedes

How dare you think that freeloading, ignorant, illiterate, inbred Muslims would be keen on learning anything from the devil infidels!

Nearly no newly arrived immigrants who have low or no education want to sit on the school bench and even get a basic schooling. It shows new numbers from the Employment Service, writes Ekot. It is only about a few individual percentages of immigrants.

Two years after receiving a residence permit, only three to four percent of low-skilled immigrants attend adult education.

The government has come up with an excellent solution:

The situation is so serious that the government has decided to introduce a so-called educational obligation for immigrants with low education, which means that those who do not go to school also receive no contributions.

Cultural enrichment in 4, 3, 2, ...

Star Wars janitor upset

John Boyega looks dumb. Now, he has obliterated all doubt:

John Boyega, who shot to fame with his role as defector Storm Trooper Finn in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” minces no words when discussing Hollywood’s race problem.

“There are no black people on ‘Game of Thrones.’ You don’t see one black person in ‘Lord of the Rings,'” Boyega said in a recent interview with GQ.

So? I'm from Pakistan. As far as I know there was no brown person in Lord of the Rings either. You don't see me crying like a little bitch. 

You've got a few million dollars, Boyega. Go produce a movie and stuff it with however many Blacks you want.

Boyega will next appear in Kathryn Bigelow’s newest film, “Detroit,” which opens August 4.

I'll make sure not to watch that.

This is how this moron looks to sane people:

Boyega: Where the Black people at? Hollywood is racisss!

Hollywood: We want to cast you in the most successful franchise in history. You interested?

Boyega: Hell yeah!

[3 years later and with millions of extra dollars.]

Boyega: Where the Black people at? Hollywood is racisss!

Hollywood: !?!

Bow down before The Credential

Interviewed on National Public Radio, a chancellor of the California community college system argued that since it may be too difficult for students, algebra, the single most failed course in community colleges across the country, should be eliminated from their requirements.

Just replace Algebra with Grand Theft Auto. The enrollment and passing rate should go through the roof.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California community college system says:

This is a civil rights issue, but this is also something that plagues all Americans — particularly low-income Americans. If you think about all the underemployed or unemployed Americans in this country who cannot connect to a job in this economy — which is unforgiving of those students who don't have a credential — the biggest barrier for them is this algebra requirement. It's what has kept them from achieving a credential.

So, low-IQ people have trouble passing a basic mathematics course to get a credential which is a requirement for many jobs. Solution: get rid of that course!

But, wouldn't that further devalue the worthless credential which will spur employers into looking at other qualifications of an individual to determine if he has a sufficiently high IQ for the advertised job?

The Gathering Storm again

Ignoring the problem makes it magically disappear:

First they came for the Jews wearing the Star of David or Kippah on the streets of Berlin, as was the case with the 67 year-old Jewish man brutally assaulted in the broad day light in 2014, or the 53 year-old Berlin Rabbi and his young daughter, who were attacked and threatened with death, two years earlier. In both of these cases and many others to follow, the attackers were migrant Muslim men.

The German media and political establishment have always been reluctant to admit the inherent Jew-hatred within the country’s growing Muslim population. But the gangs that once targeted Germany’s tiny Jewish population are now taking aim at the country’s majority Christian population as well.

“Three youths attacked a man because he was wearing a cross,” reported the German newspaper Die Welt today. Not wanting to divulge the religious motives behind the attack, the newspaper describes the attackers as “assailants of North African origin.”

The Muslim hit list goes something like this:

  1. Ex-Muslims.
  2. Jews.
  3. Gays.
  4. Atheists.
  5. Christians.
  6. Everyone else who is not a Muslim.

This is what the non-Muslim world is going to eventually realize. Though, in the end, the Islamic populace is going to pay a very steep price. When the Christian West and the other infidels of the world unite and muster the will to fight the Dar al-Islam, the Muslims will finally understand that a) the West doesn't "do" long wars; see Hiroshima and Nagasaki and b) it was really dumb to threaten and murder infidels all over the globe when you're easily outnumbered 3:1.

Licking the boots of oppression

Yes, of course. Every single woman in Saudi Arabia loves wearing her all-black all-covering garbage bag in temperatures that often exceed 48 degrees Celsius.

When they don't choose to do so, they are arrested.

How do you like them apples?

Check out this lovely title: ‘Justice League’ Movie Star Ben Affleck a Homophobe? 20-year-old Comment Haunts Him Today.

What horrible horrible things did he say?

The controversial comment was made two decades ago when Affleck starred in Chasing Amy. In the film, the Batman actor and Jason Lee shared a smooch. During an anniversary screening of the romantic comedy at the Outfest film festival in Los Angeles over the weekend, director Kevin Smith recalled a then 20-something Affleck saying that “a man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.”

Worse. Than. ISIS!

Infidels subsidize the preaching of violence

The British Government is to take over a state-funded Muslim school following the death of a child and revelations of offensive Islamic books found in the library.

Why is Britain funding Islamic schools?

The watchdog said earlier this year that the school has endemic problems including bullying and sub-standard teaching. It said that students weren’t “sufficiently” safe as the staff didn’t know what to do in medical emergencies. Ofsted gave the school the lowest ranking possible.

Books claiming a husband is allowed to beat his wife and may insist on having sex with her were also found in the school’s library.

Surely, they must have been planted by the Jews! We all know that Islam is the most feminist religion.

The fruits of liberal economics

A new report from the Fraser Institute reveals Toronto has the highest hydro rates across Canada, and that electricity prices in Ontario have increased twice as fast as the national average over the past decade.

According to the report, which was released on Thursday, the average Toronto residential hydro bill is $60 more per month than the national average.

Residents in Toronto pay on average $201 per month (including taxes) for hydro – that’s an increase of $77.09 over the past six years.

Also, tuition, real estate and food prices have spiked as well. Wages? Barely keeping up with inflation. And then people wonder why Millennials are not getting married and having babies.

"You Jew"

Germany in the 21st century:

"You Jew" as a common abuse or teachers of the Koran, who check the lessons learned in state lessons: Berlin teachers report in a survey that anti-Semitism and Islamism are becoming increasingly prevalent amongst their pupils.

The glorious cultural enrichment of Deutschland continues:

A large proportion of the teachers surveyed in Berlin were already confronted with antisemitic incidents. Some students, under the guidance of "religious authorities", would exert pressure from schoolmates on Moschenevereinen, especially girls and young women, secular Muslims and homosexuals.

Just wait till they start going after all infidels.

To naive and ignorant Germans: It'll be tough to call Islam a religion of peace when one of its adherents is sawing off your head.

Muslim moderates in the current year

Federal regulators have revoked the charity status of a Canadian Islamic organization after an audit uncovered problems including tax receipts that were issued for donations to a Pakistani group linked to armed militancy.

Of course, silly. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are not barbaric terrorists. The moderates simply support the Jihadists with a little cash.

ISNA Islamic Services of Canada was stripped of its charitable status for “non-compliance,” according to records obtained by Global News. Authorities also revoked a related charity, the Canadian Islamic Trust Foundation.

Both are former affiliates of the Islamic Society of North America-Canada (ISNA-Canada), and shared its Mississauga, Ont. address. Politicians of all stripes have attended ISNA-Canada events, notably Justin Trudeau in 2013 and, in April, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

That's right. In 2013, the future prime minister of Canada attended an event for an Islamic group which funneled a few dollars to terrorists in Pakistan.

Shameless Muslims

Something as simple and innocent as a birthday party pisses off Muslims:

India pacer Mohammad Shami has once again become a victim of social media trolling after he posted pictures of his wife during their daughter's second birthday celebrations.

Still, it's useful when these clowns post their thoughts online. It's illuminating for those who're unaware:

Mohammad Tahir Faisal from Patna tweeted: "Drown in shame... Are you Muslim, I don't think so you're Muslim...Islam can't allow you to celebrate Birthday in that fashion."

It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last:

Another India cricketer Irfan Pathan also faced a similar social media ire after he posted an "un-Islamic" photograph with his wife wearing nail polish.

It was red! Red nail polish! All to attract the gaze of innocent Muslims, making them think of utterly haram scenarios. Harlot!

Not holding back

The God Emperor on The Magic Negro:

Since 2013 Obamacare premiums have skyrocketed… Despite the promise that premiums would decrease by $2,500 on average, they’ve almost increased by $3,000 and even much more than that in some cases. It’s crushing the Middle Class and the families of the Middle Class. It’s frankly crushing our country. Obamacare was a big lie. You can keep your doctor – Lie! You can keep your plan – Lie! It was a lie directly from the president. You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. 28 times he said that. 28 times. And it was a lie and he knew it was!

Alt-Right is the new racisss!

The halaal cockroach has the one and only response ready to go:

Satiria provides the honors:

Diversity is death

John Carver at Return of Kings:

The world’s most prosperous and developed regions, or what we casually refer to as the “first world”, are roughly divided into four key areas of the planet. They are Anglo North America (U.S. & Canada), Australasia (Australia & New Zealand), Europe (though northern Europe in particular), and Northeast Asia (excluding the communist nightmare North Korea).

The author focuses on Northeast Asia:

This article will explore five ways in which the prosperous countries of this region (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China to a smaller extent) greatly benefit by not having “diversity is our strength” garbage shoved down their throats by the global elite.

I couldn't resist using this image from the article:


A corrosive culture

A man has been charged over an acid attack on a man and a woman in Mile End, east London. The victims were left with serious burns after the horrific attack on Burdett Road on July 4.

He's probably a white Trump-loving Nationalist Socialist!

Mustafa Ahmed, 19, was arrested on Sunday and has now been charged with one count of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, and one count of attempted wounding with intent to do GBH.

Oh ... nothing to see here. Move along.

Saudi slut ups the heat in Arabia

The authorities in Saudi Arabia are investigating a young woman who posted a video of herself wearing a miniskirt and crop-top in public.

The woman, a model called "Khulood", shared the clip of her walking around a historic fort in Ushayqir.

The footage sparked a heated debate on social media, with some calling for her arrest for breaking the conservative Muslim country's strict dress code.

Khulood showed her face in the video. She'll be arrested.

Women in Saudi Arabia must wear loose-fitting, full-length robes known as "abayas" in public, as well as a headscarf. They are also banned from driving and are separated from unrelated men.

That's The Most Feminist ReligionTM as we're so reliably told.

That didn't take long; Khulood is behind bars:

A model who was seen wearing a short skirt and crop top in a small Saudi Arabian town has been arrested.

Microscopically Totalitarian

This brought back some memories:

The number of dates on a plate should be an odd number.

This was the case when I attended a formal Islamic event.

Do not ask for a knife to cut the meat.

Watch the trouser length. An area mosque had a skirmish about trouser length.

I used to read a Pakistani weekly magazine called Akhbar-e-Jehan. It had one section that always amused me. People would write in their questions and an Islamic scholar would provide his halaal advice. For example:

Question: I have a few framed photos of my kids and relatives in my home. I've heard that this is haram. Please help!

Answer: Indeed. Keeping photos in the house is not allowed. Angels refuse to enter a place that has pictures of men, women or children. You should remove all such photos and pray for Allah's forgiveness.

Question: I got engaged recently. I gave my future wife a gold ring. She also bought me one but some of my family members are telling me that males are not allowed to wear jewelry in Islam! Is this true?

Answer: Yes, wearing of gold and silver is only allowed for women. You should beat that ignorant slut of a future wife with a toothbrush to teach her a lesson.

Question: My family recently got a cute little dog who sleeps in the house. We've named it Muhammad. Our kids play with Muhammad after school. When we take it out for walks in the evening, others scowl and point at us in a threatening manner. Why are Muslims so upset with Muhammad?

Answer: Muhammad is totally haram in Islam. You can only keep a dog as a watchdog for crops, livestock and your home. In addition, the dog must stay outside the house. Your behavior is totally against Islam! Get rid of Muhammad now!

How to learn the Quran

The language on the top and below the video is Urdu. It translates to "Is this how the Quran is taught?"

Really such cruelty is not limited to just memorizing the Quran. Those who teach history, language, math, etc. use the same barbaric methods. This is perfectly normal in the Islamic world.

I spent ten years studying in a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. I can't think of a single teacher who did not hit a student. They only differed in their cruelty and severity.

Can you feel the virtue?

Lynn Barber, a 71-years-old woman in England, took in a Muslim "refugee" named Mohammed.

They all keep telling me I’m a saint, which is disconcerting enough, but often there is a strong undertow of “You, of all people, taking in a refugee!” The unmissable implication is that they have never known me do anything altruistic in my life. I find this hurtful, but also probably fair. I have always been quite generous with money, but never with my time, never with my convenience. And yet having Mohammed to stay does not feel like being saintly — on the contrary, it feels like a thoroughly good wheeze that has come at just the right time in my life. I was getting bored with my own comfort and worrying that I was becoming, like my parents, a slave to routine. I needed a bit of a shake-up. Also, there was some mild guilt that I was living alone in such a big house, given the terrible plight of young people who could barely afford to rent a flat, let alone ever hope to buy one. So giving a room to Mohammed seemed like a neat solution.

True. Living with a person who at any moment could go Allah Akbar on your ass is anything but boring. Lynn decided to write a puff piece on his poor little pet refugee. His reaction:

“I am not a refugee!” What! What are you doing here then? Why are you living in my house? “I am a political leader! My family are very rich! We could buy you up like that. Do you want money? Is that why you write this filth? I get you money. You First World women are all the same, you are heartless. You have no feelings. You Christians are all racists.”

(Laughs.) Eventually, Mohammed got the boot. A tiny moment of clarity was at hand:

In retrospect, I was so stupid, but also so arrogant. All my friends, and most of all Dorota, kept warning me not to trust him, but I just thought: “Oh, they’re all racists, whereas I am this paragon of liberalism.” And I liked the idea that I was being “daring” while they were being so cautious.

Back to the madness:

I’ve had almost a year to lick my wounds and now I think I’m ready to take another asylum seeker.

There are thousands of disadvantaged folks she can help in her country but NO! She wants to showcase how she's totally not a racist by playing Muslim roulette.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, I'm sure you'll be dying to tell us.

Defining Nazi in the current year

Europe opened its gates and invited in millions of Muslims over the past few years. For that act of (asinine and suicidal) generosity, this is the thanks infidels get:

A leader of a hardline Islamist group has compared the treatment of Muslims to the massacre of millions of Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Are there any examples provided to justify such a ridiculous comparison?

'Muslims are told that in order to be accepted they must conform to a certain set of values different to their own.'

That's it. That's all it takes. If you want immigrants to assimilate, then you're a Nazi. This definition makes diabolical sense given the following:

Mr Qureshi's comments come after fellow Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar was captured on camera saying Muslims who leave the religion should be put to death.

Just to be clear:

  • When Muslims are sugarcoating their religion and trying to convert infidels, that's called religious freedom.
  • When a dim infidel embraces the wickedness of Islam, then that person deserves congratulations.
  • When an infidel wants Muslims to embrace their values, that's practically the Holocaust.
  • When a Muslim leaves Islam, then death is the penalty.

It's impossible to resolve these differences peacefully.

War is coming.

The Destruction of the Mythical Fabric

Moderate Malaysia with its majority Muslim population:

A Malaysian state amended its Islamic laws on Wednesday to allow public canings, sparking criticism that the change was unconstitutional and could infringe on the rights of religious minorities.

Ethnic Malay Muslims make up more than 60 percent of Malaysia's 32 million people and attempts to implement stricter forms of sharia law in recent years have raised concerns among members of the ethnic Chinese, Indian and other minorities.

The Chinese, Indians and others should prepare themselves for some religious and cultural enrichment.

The northeastern state has been pushing for the adoption of a strict Islamic penal code, called 'hudud', that would provide for punishments such as stoning for adultery and amputations for theft.

They'll start small and slow and then build up towards beheadings for alcohol consumption and making homosexuals fly.

Critics of the bill say the implementation of hudud could infringe on the rights of religious minorities and disrupt the fabric of Malaysia's multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.

The infidel Malays are now going to see the brutal inevitable real-time annihilation of that "fabric". Such is the cancer of Islam.

The Sweden Solution

It's absolutely loathsome when publishers edit old books to fit the modern times. I don't care how sexist, racist, whatever-ist the passages are; I want to read the words of the author -- not some SJW fool. Still when publishers do modify the text, a question arises: what is to be done to the older printed books?

Sweden has the simple answer:

The other day came the news that the library in Botkyrka municipality, on the outskirts of Stockholm, had burned older editions of one of the Pippi books, Pippi in the South Seas (1948)because local officials have decided that they “contain racism.”

And yet these unashamed ignorant morons let in Muslims by the hundreds of thousands. The are literally burning their culture while inviting in their own death.

Vagina Who

Vox Day on a woman playing Doctor Who:

I haven't watched it since I was in junior high and Tom Baker was the Doctor, and even then I thought it was pretty lame. But the casting decision is noteworthy, in that it signifies that absolutely nothing, no matter how classic or beloved, is safe from SJWs. We know we have reached Peak SJW when Heidi is remade, with the blonde Swiss girl played by a gay black transgendered Muslim.

I want to see a gay black Jewish woman play Hitler in a war movie. Because diversity! And if you disagree, then you're a homophobic racist anti-semitic NAZI!

A cold forge

Vox Day:

It doesn't matter how well you train the cat to fetch or teach the dog to use the litter box. Their kittens and puppies are naturally going to revert to what is normal behavior for their kind if they are not subjected to exactly the same training by external forces that their parents were. It is one of the great ironies of the Civil Rights movement that racism, segregation, and the continuous repression of the black minority may have been the primary contributor to keeping the black family together in the USA.

Religion of death

The audience in the studio was asked one simple question.

"Does a Muslim have the liberty or the right to change his religion?"

76% said NO.

Just a tiny, minuscule, microscopic minority of Muslims who are giving the rest a bad name.

Also, check out the intellectual titan who explains the nuance of Islam from 4:20 to 4:40.

Facebook standards

Global population of Muslims = 1.8 billion. Ex-Muslims? Maybe 1% of that number. Facebook is simply appeasing an evil chunk of its audience:

Maryam Namazie, a political activist who frequently criticizes Islamism, received a graphic rape threat from a violent Muslim. Unfortunately, according to Facebook, the message didn’t violate any of their “specific community standards.”

Criticizing Islam? No Good! Messages deleted.

Rape threats? Cool! No big deal.

No disrespect to dogs

Via Pastorius at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

This man has seen the evil enemy and he understands it in his bones. It's, however, very difficult for your average infidel in the West to grasp the full horror of this ugly reality.

The West has the means to turn the entire Islamic world into radioactive glass but it has no desire to do so. The crazy, inbred Muslims have the wicked will to annihilate every single infidel but they don't have the means to do so.

Today, the least violent options for the West are a) deport all Muslims and b) rhetorically showcase Islam for the evil it is. Once those Muslims have the means, the West will have to face the most lethal war in human history. Death toll forecast: 200-250 million.

Putz vs. JKM

Piers Morgan is likely too obtuse to realize it but he got his ass handed to him. It was amusing to see how Morgan repeatedly brought up anecdotal examples to "refute" averages. If you told Morgan that the average annual income in Britain is $36,000, then he'll call you dim and stupid by quoting his yearly take.

BDS abortion

After a week-long ban on the sale of two Israeli wines produced in the West Bank — in a style eerily reminiscent of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement — the Canadian government and LCBO backtracked late Thursday afternoon.

LCBO: Liquor Control Board of Ontario. I was surprised when the largest province in Canada banned the Israeli wine. Canada has many faults but being, on the whole, anti-Israel isn't one of them. Good to see them reverse their stupid decision.

EPYC value

Intel likes its fat margins. If they can't compete with performance, then they'll use FUD.

The slide at the 10 minute mark is stunning. Intel compared their $2,200 CPU to an artificially underclocked $420 AMD CPU to showcase the superiority of their product!

This would be like comparing a $100,000 car to a $18,000 Honda with slashed tires and then crowing about how your expensive car is so much better because it's faster when going from point A to point B.

If you're interested in buying a new PC or building a new one, then an AMD processor will provide the most bang for the buck. This means that most people should not be buying an Intel system today. Of course, that's why Intel is so scared.

Fifty shades of Hitler

You mean that German dictator with whom the Muslims had such warm ties? They did share a mutual love for murdering the Jews, the Yahood, the Zionists.

Also, Muslim girls can't help but get wet for that "certain German dictator":

"I interrupted one of the girls who said that Hitler was her favorite figure, asking her: 'Are you serious or joking?' She looked at me, amazed, and replied: 'Yes, I am serious.' This led another girl to add: 'I too love Hitler's personality.' I asked the first girl: 'What do you like about Hitler's personality?' She responded, very confidently: 'His strength, and his ability to unite his country's military and leadership and to stand fast in war.' I asked her: 'Do you realize that his strength caused an entire world war, and the destruction of Germany and France?' She responded: 'Yes. I read his book Mein Kampf and was impressed by his strength, his faith, and his perseverance.'

So, logically, the Muslimas are fantasizing about being Donald Trump Junior's fuck toy strength, faith and perseverance.

Muslims don't like the gay

Let's see how long it takes before a Muslim goes Allah Akbar on his ass:

A Muslim man who tried to kill himself after being attacked over his sexuality is believed to have become the first of his faith in the UK to wed in a same-sex marriage.

Good luck with this:

"I want to say to all people going through the same thing that's it's okay - we're going to show the whole world that you can be gay and Muslim."

By "the whole world", he means exclusively non-Islamic societies. Go ahead, try visiting any of the 50 Muslim-majority countries and see what happens.

Team Blue is very blue

In a presentation slide, Intel alleges that AMD’s EPYC server processors are actually repurposed desktop products comprising parts that have merely been “glued together.” They claim that this design results in “inconsistent performance” and additionally accuse AMD of having a poor track record and being an inconsistent supplier.

Intel's butthurt because they can't charge premium prices like they've done for a decade. This is going to be painful especially when ThreadRipper comes out next month.