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A monster for the 100th year

Moderate Muslims in the current year

The famous secular democracy of Malaysia:

Malaysia has long outlawed books deemed "deviant" from mainstream Sunni Islam, but a ban on a book of essays by public intellectuals on Islam's role in its constitutional democracy has drawn wide criticism for pandering to Islamists.

The book, Breaking The Silence: Voices Of Moderation - Islam In A Constitutional Democracy, was produced by a group of prominent Muslims who in 2014 dubbed themselves the Group of 25, or G25.

The ban comes at a time when questions are raised over the reach of Malaysia's Islamic authorities and its impact on government bureaucracy, and whether the voices of moderate Muslims are being cast aside and replaced by those with deeply conservative views.

That's how Islam is. Muslims can't possibly defend it on rational or moral grounds. So, they ban the books. Soon, they'll be incarcerating the authors. Eventually, death will be the punishment for anyone who dares to criticize Islam.

In that sense, Malaysia is very moderate today.


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