Damn, dirty apes!
EPYC value

Fifty shades of Hitler

You mean that German dictator with whom the Muslims had such warm ties? They did share a mutual love for murdering the Jews, the Yahood, the Zionists.

Also, Muslim girls can't help but get wet for that "certain German dictator":

"I interrupted one of the girls who said that Hitler was her favorite figure, asking her: 'Are you serious or joking?' She looked at me, amazed, and replied: 'Yes, I am serious.' This led another girl to add: 'I too love Hitler's personality.' I asked the first girl: 'What do you like about Hitler's personality?' She responded, very confidently: 'His strength, and his ability to unite his country's military and leadership and to stand fast in war.' I asked her: 'Do you realize that his strength caused an entire world war, and the destruction of Germany and France?' She responded: 'Yes. I read his book Mein Kampf and was impressed by his strength, his faith, and his perseverance.'

So, logically, the Muslimas are fantasizing about being Donald Trump Junior's fuck toy strength, faith and perseverance.


Nate Whilk

Perhaps you've seen this: http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2008/08/fundamentalism-and-fascism

Karl Barth: "It is impossible to understand National Socialism unless we see it in fact as a new Islam, its myth as a new Allah, and Hitler as this new Allah’s Prophet."

Paul Claudel: "Hitler’s speech: a kind of Islamism is being created at the center of Europe . . . ”

Isaac Schrödinger

No, I had not read that before. Karl Barth should have added 'Mein Kampf as the Quran' at the end there.

The following can be said about Nazism, Communism, and Islam: The doctrine is perfect. It's humanity that needs to be broken and molded to fit it. Anyone who is against it is automatically evil and thus deserves death.

The Nazi Empire didn't even last 7 years. The Soviet Union was gone after 70. Islam is still infecting mankind after 1400 bloody years. In that sense, Hitler was a very poor prophet.

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