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Muslim Girl:

While Jahed Choudhury is not the first gay Muslim man to get married, his widely shared experience speaks to the adversity LGBTQ+ Muslims continue to face.

And who just might be these adversaries?

Choudhury, the 24-year-old son of Bangladeshi immigrants, says he has been harassed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike for his sexual orientation.

Everyone! There isn't any discernible characteristic of such horrible people.

What's always amusing about such Muslims who behave in an anti-Islamic way is that they do it openly in a Muslim-minority country. Non-Muslims might call Choudhury a faggot but their creed doesn't command them to kill homosexuals. There is a whole world of difference between being a jerk and being a homicidal psycho.

Islam prescribes death to those homosexuals who're caught in the act. The "moderate" Islamic places put homosexuals in jail. For example, Dubai has a maximum 10-year sentence for homosexual behavior. There, quite a few foreigners have been caught, jailed and then later deported.

It is Muslims who want to incarcerate or slaughter homosexuals like Jahed Choudhury. Instead of acknowledging this ugly reality, these clowns condemn everyone!


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