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A monster for the 100th year

A rumored spec for the upcoming D850 is that it will do 10 fps. How!?

The raw files from a Nikon D800 are usually around 38MB each. Assuming similar size, a raw file from the D850 will be 50MB. So, this camera will be able to push 500MB/s? I would be quite shocked if it did.

If it is as good as that, then the price is going to be pretty high. With that level of performance, I don't see it being under $3,999. Damn.

Moderate Muslims in the current year

The famous secular democracy of Malaysia:

Malaysia has long outlawed books deemed "deviant" from mainstream Sunni Islam, but a ban on a book of essays by public intellectuals on Islam's role in its constitutional democracy has drawn wide criticism for pandering to Islamists.

The book, Breaking The Silence: Voices Of Moderation - Islam In A Constitutional Democracy, was produced by a group of prominent Muslims who in 2014 dubbed themselves the Group of 25, or G25.

The ban comes at a time when questions are raised over the reach of Malaysia's Islamic authorities and its impact on government bureaucracy, and whether the voices of moderate Muslims are being cast aside and replaced by those with deeply conservative views.

That's how Islam is. Muslims can't possibly defend it on rational or moral grounds. So, they ban the books. Soon, they'll be incarcerating the authors. Eventually, death will be the punishment for anyone who dares to criticize Islam.

In that sense, Malaysia is very moderate today.

AK-15s Forever!

Some people really don't comprehend America. Those who call for a gun ban and confiscation are the prime example.

SJWs drool over the possibility of disarming the American citizenry. It is their most important goal, for even they realize that their path to total domination of American culture, government, and life will require them to do this, at some point. But I am, on occasion, reminded that the SJW Left doesn’t really understand us. To them, the idea that we would actually fight back is ludicrous. After all, were they in our position, they would not fight. Fighting is not their way.

It gets much better. Read it all.

Infection spreads in India

Taslima Nasrin left India in March 2008 because of death threats from Muslim groups. She went back a few days ago:

Taslima landed at the Chikalthana Airport in a flight from Mumbai. Police stopped the author from stepping out of the airport, where a crowd had gathered chanting “Taslima Go Back” slogans.

The gutless Indian police gave in to the Muslims:

The author was advised to abandon her visit to the city and she agreed to go back, the police officer said.

This is a dire, implicit warning to all Indians:

The protest at the airport was led by Imtiyaz Jaleel, a leader of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader in Aurangabad.

Jaleel said her writings have “hurt” the religious sentiments of Muslims across the world. “We will not allow her to step on the soil of our city,” he said.

"Our city"? Since when did Mumbai become a Muslim city?

And, of course, hurting the feelings of Muslims is a valid enough reason for them to ban you from "their" cities. It's going to be a rude awakening for Muslims all over the globe when infidels start playing by the same rules. 

The progressive police of England

In addition to the Necessary Vagina Ratio (NVR), we now have the NNR:

The chief constable for Cheshire police considered breaking the law in order to hire more officers from ethnic minorities.

Simon Byrne wants new legislation introduced to allow his police force to hire one black officer from every white one.

The chief constable's force was one of four criticised by Home Secretary Theresa May in 2015 for having no black officers.

The police in England should have showed this much resolve in capturing predators who used hundreds of White girls as sex slaves instead of worrying about the "correct" proportional colors of their officers.

Good joke!

I couldn't help but laugh.

Note that the global Ahmadi population is rougly 20 million. For the sake for argument, let's say that it's an Islamic sect. This means that Ahmadis represent a whopping 1% of all Muslims. Approximately 35,000 of them show up to an event in the UK and this is supposed to mean that the "Muslim world" has some sort of unity.

Technically, the Muslim world is united but not in the sense that Qasim Rashid would like.

Sharing that exquisite Iraqi culture

Two people have died and three others are fighting for their lives after a man armed with a machine gun opened fire in a packed German nightclub, according to reports.

Revellers fled from the Grey venue in the city of Konstanz near the Swiss border after the 34-year-old Iraqi attacker burst in and opened fire at 4.30am.

It's the eternal mystery again:

Police have said that the shooter's motive is not yet known and it is not clear if he acted alone or with accomplices.

Thanks, Angela Merkel!

Esma "Uncovered Meat" Voloder

At age 25, Esma Voloder, a Muslim, has won the Miss Australia beauty pageant and will now be going on to compete for the title of Miss World.

Another dim Muslim girl enjoys the freedoms of the West to preach about the phantom tolerance of Islam.

“The Islam that I know, that is in the Qur’an, I don’t associate that with any acts that are occurring around the world.” Voloder also added, ”People tend to blame religion for the atrocities that are happening, but if we do that we take responsibility away from the individuals.”

So brave. Thank you for this.

Esma Voloder

I'm sure that Esma Voloder, the courageous Miss Australia, will be traveling soon to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. to meet her Muslim sisters to promote the bikini-style Islam that she knows.

Flying is hard

Two pilots have been suspended from duty after their aircraft, carrying 99 passengers, nearly ran out of fuel because they forgot to retract the landing gear after take-off.


An unidentified source told the Times of India that the “brand new Airbus A320”, one of the most fuel efficient aircraft in existence, had struggled to climb after take-off, prompting the pilots to settle on an altitude of 24,000 feet as opposed to a usual cruising height of 35,000 feet.

Wait, isn't there a switch with indicating lights for the landing gear? What kind of pilot doesn't bother to check that?

The source, who made a point of saying that both pilots were women, said it flew like this at 230 knots - as opposed to around 500 knots - for about an hour-and-a-half, while the extended landing gear dragged heavily on the aircraft.

Two women? Perhaps, it was that time of the month ...

Do you hear me now?

It's always comical to see how Ahmadi "Muslims" defend their faith and their coreligionists. What's so amusing, you ask? Well, the overwhelming majority of the Islamic world does not consider Ahmadis to be Muslims! So, while Ahmadis display their banner which reads "Love For All Hatred For None", Muslims treat them like infidels.

For example, Saudi Arabia has officially banned Ahmadis from entering its territory. This means that Ahmadi public figures can't perform the Haj. Instead of lecturing the West, perhaps, Ahmadis can preach to their own inbred ilk about tolerance and peace.

Another cruel mystery in Deutschland

The cultural enrichment of Germans continues:

One person was killed and four wounded in a knife attack in a supermarket in the northern German city of Hamburg on Friday, the city's police said.


German daily Bild published a picture of the attacker in the back of a police car with a white, blood-soaked bag over his head, and reported that he cried "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greatest) in the supermarket.

The German police are quite perplexed:

"We have no clear information as to the motive or the number of wounded," Hamburg police said in a tweet.

Double the cultural enrichment

BBC News:

A girl of 15 was raped at a train station in Birmingham before being sexually assaulted by the driver of a car she flagged down to help her.

Details of the animals:

The first attacker is described by police as an Asian man in his early 20s with light skin, brown eyes, skinny build and about 6ft tall.

Police said the second man was also Asian and in his early 20s and about 5ft 6in to 5ft 7in tall. He was of a large build, with a beard and wore a blue jumper and black jeans.

Both were "Asian"? What are the odds.

This Jew-hatred goes to 11

Jews who emigrated to the Middle East between the first and second world wars had a secret “plan” to take over what is now Israel, and eventually “will be demanding” the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina, a Muslim imam said in a southern California mosque on Friday.

Israel gave up the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip. Israel has shrunk by over 50% in the last 50 years, all for the sake of peace. Yet, we have Satanic demagogues of Islam who want to annihilate the tiny Jewish state for phantom crimes and secret plans.

The savages of Saudi Arabia

The Islamic credo of assaulting females is not limited to their own species:

A disturbing video has emerged from the Middle East of a lioness getting viciously beaten by a group of men.

Alternative video title: Pigs beating a lioness.

This shocking footage will disgust animal lovers everywhere. It is obvious that this lioness is in great distress, being held down, dragged along the ground and physically abused by her laughing tormentors who seem to have scant regard for her well being and who have absolutely no idea how to handle a wild animal.

Inbreeding does tend to make one a bit slow.

The World of SJWs

Actual Nazis are racists.

If you enjoy a movie which showcases the epic rescue of white people -- who would go on to liberate North Africa and Western Europe from Nazis -- then this confirms that you're a racist.

Think about that.

Anyway, what's stopping SJWs from making their own colored Dunkirk?

The shooting of movies is not limited to Hollywood. SJWs can easily go to woke places like China, Japan or South Korea and make their "Diversity of Dunkirk" film.

But, seriously, Democrat-owned Hollywood is white supremacist?

The chanting of demons

The Arabic Islamic call to prayer is called the azaan. It's blasted over loudspeakers from mosques five times a day. One Indian woman didn't like listening to the satanic nonsense at 4:45 a.m.

It's even worse in Saudi Arabia. I lived in a neighborhood in which, at least, five mosques were within earshot. During the summer months, the very first prayer call would shatter your dreams as early as 3:15 a.m. Now, those five mosques wouldn't all start at the same time. So, soon, one would be subjected to the same prayer call, but out-of-sync, from five different mosques.

Let's see how this tyrannical cacophony of noise is sugarcoated:

“Such irresponsible comments have been made in the past also. I am unable to understand what kind of people they are. I would like to know how does azaan, which otherwise purifies you on hearing, bother her. May be her sleep is more important,” SP leader Juhi Singh told ANI, on Monday.

Dismal science

For people who wish there were more hours in the day, spending a bit of money to get rid of onerous tasks would make them much happier, but researchers say very few actually make the investment.

A study by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has found buying time makes people happier than buying material things.

Material things can be shown off to accrue status points but here the amount of money to be spent was just $40. Even then people bought stuff instead of relaxation.

This general behavior has puzzled me. For example, I've seen many people who shop around and then buy a super-cheap laptop which they need for their work. Of course, cheap laptops are old, slow, low quality and come with a warranty that ends a few days before the laptop expires. Then, later these same people blow away thousands of dollars on a vacation that barely lasts a week.

These folks aren't poor but their spending patterns make their life, overall, miserable.

Orgies by Allah

Syamsuddin Nur Makkah was a touch too blunt:

An Indonesian celebrity Islamic cleric has come under fire for suggesting that Muslims are promised sex parties in heaven during a recent televised sermon.

How dare he tell the lewd truth!?

PedoMo was very clever in offering his warriors sex-slaves in the present and dozens of young women and boys for their sexual pleasure in the afterlife. What better way to get useless sexless horny men on your side in a polygamous culture.

100 years and D850

Nikon celebrates its 100 years today. They took this occasion to announce that they are working on the successor to their super-high resolution D810.

The Nikon D850 is coming. It'll probably be released in time for Christmas. Unfortunately two big questions remain officially unanswered: megapixels and price?

The rumors suggest 46MP at $3,500. It has been five years since Nikon upped the pixel count. I'm hoping for a bigger jump from their current 36MP beast.

Good is Evil. Evil is Good.

Another episode in the Diversity is Strength saga:

A prominent Muslim psychologist with a practice in Sydney's west says opponents of Sharia law are bigots.

Hanan Dover has told her 10,898 Facebook followers Australia needed to allow special laws for Muslims.

Hanan Dover is making the best argument for a total termination of the Muslim invasion migration into the West.

Ms Dover compared the idea of allowing Islamic law for Muslims with Aboriginal customary laws in the criminal justice system.

'The fact that there is only one single law for Australians is BS,' she said.

'Australia's liberal democracy prides itself being accommodating to different codes of law for different groups: halacha law for Jews, canon law for Catholics, tribal law for the Aboriginal communities, Islamic law for Muslims.'

Of course, if the Jews and Christians have their little laws, then why not the same for women-slavers homosexual-killers pedophile-worshipers Muslims? If you oppose this, then surely you are the bigot.

The eternal scapegoats

Arab News: Saudi social media divided over arrest of ‘abaya’-less model Kholoud.

A woman in Saudi Arabia posted a video of herself in which she was walking outside in a miniskirt. This comment by a Muslim is both sad, funny and utterly predictable:

Khuloud is just a puppet. This act was designed and acted deliberately to humiliate Muslims and Saudis in one of the sacred historical sites of Saudi History.

Should i remind you the American celebrity who went to Mosque in Abu Dhabi and took picture of her legs and then uploaded it on Twitter - to show the world that they can desecrate our Holy Sites and nobody can touch them? This is not an isolated incident. Its one of the incidents in the string of well-orchesterated events that are designed to injure and insult Muslims and show the world that Muslim Governments are weak.

Dear reader, who do you think is "orchestrating" these events?

Its the same group of people who organized this event, from outside Saudi Arabia. Most sources are pointing towards Israel.

It's those nefarious Jews, of course!

Apparently it's hard to believe that a young woman simply doesn't want to stroll in a full-body garbage bag in a hellish climate.

Crazy infidel women

Bruce Bawer: Highlights From a Summer in Eurabia.

There are many such women in Norway, and, I assume, elsewhere in Europe – women of a certain age, generally widows or divorcees, who once, years ago, went on holiday to some Muslim locale (usually, it would seem, in Turkey), made the acquaintance of a few of the indigenous gentlemen, and ended up purchasing a second home there.

How progressive of them.

Corruption and dishonesty

Muslim Girl:

While Jahed Choudhury is not the first gay Muslim man to get married, his widely shared experience speaks to the adversity LGBTQ+ Muslims continue to face.

And who just might be these adversaries?

Choudhury, the 24-year-old son of Bangladeshi immigrants, says he has been harassed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike for his sexual orientation.

Everyone! There isn't any discernible characteristic of such horrible people.

What's always amusing about such Muslims who behave in an anti-Islamic way is that they do it openly in a Muslim-minority country. Non-Muslims might call Choudhury a faggot but their creed doesn't command them to kill homosexuals. There is a whole world of difference between being a jerk and being a homicidal psycho.

Islam prescribes death to those homosexuals who're caught in the act. The "moderate" Islamic places put homosexuals in jail. For example, Dubai has a maximum 10-year sentence for homosexual behavior. There, quite a few foreigners have been caught, jailed and then later deported.

It is Muslims who want to incarcerate or slaughter homosexuals like Jahed Choudhury. Instead of acknowledging this ugly reality, these clowns condemn everyone!

Confusion in Deutschland

A Muslim police officer from Rhineland-Pfalz has refused to shake the hand of his female colleague for religious reasons. The woman wanted to congratulate him for his promotion. Now he’s facing disciplinary actions.

As the Koblenz Rhein Zeitung reported on Friday, the woman wanted to congratulate him for his promotion at a party at the end of May at the Montabaur police station, which he rejected: “The police officer explained his behavior by way of his religious belief,” said Steffen Wehner, the press spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, on Friday.

Just wait till he and his ilk start beheading Jews and collecting girls as sex slaves for religious reasons.

Those crazy Koreans!

New Korean comedy-drama Man Who Dies To Live has caused an uproar among netizens who have accused it of misusing Islamic values and portraying a false image of Muslims in its scenes.

According to, the drama, which has been broadcast on MBC TV since July 19, tells the story of Jang Dal Goo who travels to a fictional country in the Middle East, gets rich, receives a "count" title and then becomes a citizen under the name of Saeed Fahd Ali.

Many Twitter babies are crying.

"It's literally just ruining Islam's image and making fun of Muslims."

(Laughs.) That's like saying that some comedy show is ruining the KKK's image.

It's too bad that MBC TV crumbled and apologized to these barbarians.

Acid is not the problem

Disfiguring, corrosive substances are being used indiscriminately against members of the public in muggings and carjackings.

Over the past few months, there has been a dramatic escalation of such attacks, with the reasons not hard to fathom. Caustic fluids are cheap and easily available on the High Street.

They work quickly and can be thrown from a distance. Just carrying a gun or a knife is a criminal offence, but — shockingly — there is no penalty if you are caught in possession of acid-based chemicals.

The criminals know how to spin the police:

Extraordinarily, attempts to tackle these violent thefts are being hampered by Home Office guidelines governing the pursuit of such suspects.

The rules, placing a greater emphasis on officers to justify such pursuits, or risk being disciplined, were introduced in 2014, following the death of a teenager who lost control of his scooter during a chase.

Suspects make a mockery of the new rules by deliberately removing their helmets as they flee the scenes of crime.

Knives, guns, cars or acid are not the problem. The issue is barbarians who have no respect for property or human life. One can take all the "bad" weapons away from them and still a wicked man can kill you with his bare fists.

Read the whole ugly thing.