Bearing uses the shiv
The joys of multiculturalism

Would you like Jihad with your coffee?

Just like quotas for dumb Blacks in universities, this is not going to end well:

In anticipation of Trump’s then-impending refugee ban, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (now executive chairman) announced in January that the company would be hiring 10,000 refugees as Starbucks employees in the next few years, with 2,500 of those positions being filled by refugees in the United States.

This Wednesday, on World Refugee Day, Starbucks announced that they are moving on with the second phase of this project — hiring 2,500 refugees in their Europe locations by 2022, about 8% of their European workforce, and 1,000 refugees for their Canadian coffee shops.

The refugee population is filled with largely inbred, illiterate and incompetent people. I'm sure that their infidel co-workers and customers will be on the receiving end of some serious cultural enrichment.


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