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Muslim Girl blog: January 8, 2017: 5 Ways Undocumented Immigrants Can Prepare for the Trump Administration.

It’s important to obey all laws, because law enforcement can verify a person’s immigration status. This means not only keeping a clean criminal record, but also something as simple as obeying traffic/driving rules. Even a faulty headlight or an improper lane change could result in being pulled over by the police.

It's important to obey all laws ... except the ones you broke by staying in the US illegally.

Muslim Girl blog: March 2, 2017: New App Warns You About ICE Immigration Raids.

Celso Mireles, a documented citizen who came to this country with his undocumented parents years ago, created a new open-source app that warns users about anti-immigration raids.

A new app for millions of criminals!

What could possibly go wrong?

An illegal immigrant beat a 17-year-old girl with a metal baseball bat before dawn on Father’s Day and dumped her body in a pond in a suburb of Washington, police say.

Authorities said a man they identified as Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, attacked and abducted Nabra Hassanen after getting into an argument with a group of about 15 young Muslims on their way to a nearby mosque in Sterling, Virginia.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials confirmed to The Daily Caller and other news outlets that Torres is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who was living in Sterling.

These Muslims did whatever they could to keep illegal immigrants hidden from law enforcement. They shielded criminals from justice. Now, one of the illegal immigrants just killed a Muslim girl. 

How does the Muslim Girl blog reply to this act? The depraved clowns published a dull poem titled, "No Justice for Nabra".


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