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The Age of Absurdity

Being a terrorist apparently doesn’t look good on a resume.

Members of ISIS are fleeing the Middle East and quietly returning to Europe in an attempt to rejoin society, but there’s one problem: None of them can find jobs.

Oh, the inhumanity!

“I just want to forget everything,” explained 27-year-old Walad Yousef, who was one of 150 fighters to return home to Sweden in recent months.

“I apply for a lot of jobs, but I can’t get any because my pictures are out there,” he said, according to the Daily Caller.

He can always apply to be a halaal butcher. He has practice.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Sweden? They are knowingly letting ISIS members roam freely within their borders! Since when did it become alright for citizens to travel abroad, slaughter people and then return without any severe consequences?



So much for Jihadis fighting to the death. The Caliphate gets a little push-back and everyone wants to go back to their day jobs.

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