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White genocide

The modern Chamberlain?

The Palestinian terror group Hamas was called “serious, hard-working and not corrupt” by UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during a radio interview in which he also urged a suspension of the EU’s trade agreement with Israel.

It gets better:

The revelation comes just 24-hours after the man seeking to become the UK’s next prime minister stirred condemnation and disbelief from members of his own party after it was revealed he attended a graveside wreath-laying ceremony honoring a Palestinian terrorist involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.

All that terrorist misguided fellow needed was a hug!

Seriously, Hamas even acknowledged the useful infidel:

For its part, Hamas revealed to Breitbart Jerusalem in 2016 it “welcomed” Mr. Corbyn’s reported refusal to condemn the radical Islamist organization.

Taher A-Nunu, a spokesman and senior Hamas official, further said Hamas views Mr. Corbyn’s willingness to engage with his Gaza-based group as a “painful hit that the Zionist enemy received.”

It's not a good sign when you're getting complimented by a group that openly calls for another Holocaust.


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