Who you are not going to call?
The perils of Muslim logic

Miss Harambe

Around 50% of Arabs and Pakistanis marry their first and second cousins. They have been doing that for decades and, worse, sometimes centuries. That results in horrifically low IQs, genetic disorders and some seriously ugly people. Even though I was born in Pakistan, I was really fortunate that my grandparents came from different parts of India.

Anyway, the elites of the West don't want to call ugly by its name. Worse, they want to hold it up high as some twisted standard of "beauty". Immigration is uglification:

Immigration is also literal enstupidation as well as war, as per Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld. The great irony, of course, is that immigration is also, contra its dishonest defenders, a net negative for the economy.

Immigration has made the West poor, ugly, and deadly. What a mad combo.


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