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Feminist Muslim women in action

It's common knowledge and perfectly acceptable for teachers to beat students in the Islamic world. Sometimes, they go, er, over the edge:

Allah Bakhsh Malik, Secretary Education (Schools) of Punjab province, told Dawn news on Sunday that the two senior teachers -- Rehana Kausar and Bushra Tufail -- first inflicted corporal punishment on the 14-year-old girl, Fajjar Noor, and then took her to the third floor of the school building from where they pushed her down.

Both Kausar and Tufail have been booked for attempt to murder.

That's how Muslims treat each other. Much worse is in store for the hated infidels.

Her parents have expressed shock as to how teachers could turn so inhuman.

See, as long as the teachers don't try to murder the daughter but only beat her thoroughly, then it's all right. 


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