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Daily Mail on the latest SJW nonsense in Britain:

Avoiding making eye contact with someone or asking where they are originally from have been deemed as racist micro-aggressions in a newsletter issued by Oxford University.

The institution's Equality and Diversity Unit states these two common behaviours could potentially cause the listener 'mental ill-health'.

Yeah, all those people in the city who're always glued to their phones are secretly racisss! Also, SJWs always project.

The Trinity term newsletter claims asking someone where they are 'originally' from implies that the questioner does not believe they are British.

Duh. We have these things called nations. Someone in Britain who looks Asian will certainly get such a question. Similarly if a Brit were to visit Japan, then he might attract the same curiosity. Such normal behaviour is now being classified as somehow bigoted.

It's almost like these institutions want racial animosity where none exists.


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