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Stay safe pakis

“Pink Taxi,” also known as “Paxi” is a new cab service offered exclusively to the women in Karachi, Pakistan.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a reality for most Pakistani women who use public transportation and even private cabs. As a result, many women do not work or pursue higher education, since they feel unsafe while traveling.

But but but I thought that burqas would protect women from harassment!?

Pink Taxi’s cabs are only driven by women. Their uniform is a black top, hot-pink scarf, and name tag. The drivers are trained in self-defense and first-aid.

Strong, independent and fierce! I'm sure these trained women will emerge victorious when it's them vs. one scrawny guy with an AK-47.

Thank you, Pink Taxi, for helping Pakistani women stay safe and dignified as they travel.

Nothing says safe like a prey with a flashing neon sign.


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