Someone went full retard
A Big Lie of the Left

Blame whitey!

When I look at mosques that perpetuate patriarchal violence, I see it as powerless men trying to feel in control. Conferences are no different. Often times, it’s non-Black Muslims (mostly Arab and Desi) who organize these tone-deaf conferences, and use them as tools of oppression to silence the voices and contributions of those who are more marginalized (mostly Black Muslims). Loaded statement? Yup, but the history of these conferences and the state of so many of our mosques and Islamic schools are reflective of that.


What does it mean to be Muslim and anti-Black? It means you are a self-hating Muslim. Anti-Blackness is rooted in White supremacy, and the very nature of White supremacy is anti-Islam.

Arabs and South Asian Muslims are anti-Black. The root cause for this is ... White supremacy!?

If mental gymnastics were part of the Olympics, then Muslims would win gold.

It gets worse:

Remember last year when ICNA asked participants in a speed dating event what skin color was preferred for their potential partner? The fact that they didn’t understand why that was problematic the first time is enough of an indicator.

Yeah, these people want to start and build a potential life-long relationship with a person of a similar race. How dare they? Don't they know that it's the current year!

Of course, there are a few exceptions but seriously, Arabs and South Asians are not going to date Blacks. Oddly enough, the Chinese and Indians also don't date Blacks. The Japanese? The same. What's really crazy is that Blacks also don't want to date Arabs, South Asians, Chinese, Indians, etc.

For all of recorded history, peoples have largely married within their race. Somehow, this utterly normal behaviour is the fault of White people.


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