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Muslim feelings are sacred

A movie about uppity Muslim women? Ban it!

A group of Muslim leaders in Bhopal on Saturday passed a resolution advocating the boycott of Alankrita Shrivastava’s Lipstick Under My Burkha, and asked the central government to ban the controversial movie for hurting the community’s religious sentiments.

Respect the burqa, infidel.

Khurram told HT that nobody has the right to comment on a “sensitive issue” like the burkha, which is worn out of choice by Muslim women. “If somebody peeps into the burkha worn by our sisters and daughters, we won’t remain silent. Burkha is an Islamic tradition, and nobody has the right to talk about it in a negative way,” he said.

[Emphasis mine.]

That concept of human rights is most interesting: you do not have the freedom to express negative opinions about Islamic traditions in the largest democracy in the world.

Note that Muslims are only 15% of the Indian population and yet:

Khurram sought to thank the Central Board of Film Certification for stalling the film’s release. “They have done the right thing. They should not allow public viewing of this film at any cost,” he said.

It's not enough that Muslims will refuse to pay and view this film. Nobody should be allowed to watch this terrible, horrible movie.

This story perfectly showcases one of the major problems with Muslims and Islam: they are repressive cunts following a totalitarian cult.


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