Shrewd sharia-supporting shrew

Another death fatwa

The bounty of Islam:

On Monday, an Islamic organization in the Indian city of Bareilly announced a bounty of 10,786 Indian Rupees (Cdn$212) on the head of Tarek Fatah, a Toronto-based Muslim Canadian writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist, reported The Times of India.

The fatwa (Islamic decree), which comes a day after Fatah was attacked and abused by an Islamist mob at a festival, alleges that his appearance on a TV program he anchors was anti-Muslim and hurt Muslim sentiments.

The head of the organization which put the bounty on Fatah’s head claimed that Fatah is an “agent of Israel” who did everything to belittle Muslims, and that during the show Fatah provoked Islam, “which is illegal”.

This has to be deeply insulting for Tarek Fatah. Only $212!


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