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Calling out fake tears!

The advantages of illegal aliens

One can always count on Muslim Girl to come down on the wrong side of an issue which hurts the US:

“The university maintains a strong commitment to the privacy of student records for all students, consistent with state and federal laws,” University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel said in the statement. “We do not provide information on immigration status to anyone except when required by law. The university offers in-state tuition to undocumented students who meet certain conditions.”

Think about that. The University of Michigan charges out-of-state Americans an exorbitant amount of fees. The forefathers of many of these Americans fought in wars. They've paid in blood for freedom. They've also paid a horrendous amount in taxes.

However, if you're an illegal alien who, by definition, broke the law, then the university will charge you a lower amount in tuition fees. The university is providing perks to foreign criminals who don't even pay taxes!

In some bizarre universe, this is considered to be the moral thing to do.


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