Islamic priorities
Lots of bad home training

Pampered rapefugees

The government's own figures reveal less than half the German language course's participants finished the programme.

A Syrian refugee exposed the apathy some asylum seekers feel towards the expensive German language course, designed to get them into full time employment so they can contribute to their new country's economy.

Here's a predictable, sample conversation:

"I saw many, many times that friends stays in bed. Always. With his phone. Playing. And I ask: 'Man, you're not attending a German course or what?'

"He said: 'No. I have enough money, I got money from the unemployment office, I have free food, I get clothes free.'

"And I ask him: 'Are you looking for work or what?' and then he said: 'No, I'm not looking for work.'"

Thanks, Merkel!


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