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No love for Trump

Threatening the President of the United States is a serious crime and a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making "any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States."

That hasn't stopped these idiots from threatening President Trump.

Nothing says "love trumps hate" like this tweet?

No love for Trump

When the media, the left and the savage and dishonest Muslims compare Trump to Hitler, then it logically follows that whoever tries to harm or murder Trump is a hero.

Trump has been compared to Reagan. Remember that, in a very short span of time, Reagan lived through two assassination attempts in his first year in office. 

Trump and the incorrigible press

Instapundit says it like it is:

Trump knows that the press isn’t trusted very much, and that the less it’s trusted, the less it can hurt him. So he’s prodding reporters to do things that will make them less trusted, and they’re constantly taking the bait. They’re taking the bait because they think he’s dumb, and impulsive, and lacking self-control — but he’s the one causing them to act in ways that are dumb and impulsive, and demonstrate lack of self-control.

That's the one quality of politician Trump I've liked from the beginning. He doesn't want to be chums with the dishonest media cunts. He methodically, repeatedly, clearly and loudly points out their never-ending lies.

[...] Trump has more media experience than probably 99% of the people covering him. (As Obama operative Ben Rhodes gloated with regard to selling a dishonest story on the Iran deal, the average reporter the Obama White House dealt with “is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns.” In Rhodes’ words, “they literally know nothing.”)

These media types are going to live in a 8-year Trump is Hitler! bubble.

Barbarians vs. Trump

Businesses around the world bearing U.S. President Donald Trump’s name face an increased risk now that he is in the White House, security experts warn, especially as several are in areas previously targeted by violence.

As Trump remains a brand overseas, criminal gangs or militants could target buildings bearing his name in gold, abduct workers associated with his enterprises for ransom or worse, they say.

“They may kidnap a Trump worker and not even want to negotiate,” aiming for publicity instead, said Colin P. Clarke, a political scientist with the RAND Corporation who studies terrorism and international criminal networks.

The only way to deter it is to communicate that we'll deal with it ruthlessly. If it happens, then the US will kill the attackers, jail all nominal associates and strip the family members of financial assets. There must be a very heavy price to pay for messing with the most powerful man on Earth.

Tech + Muslims = Live Rape

The infidels of the world can see halaal rape in real time.

A WOMAN was gang raped in Sweden by a group of men who broadcast the horrific attack on Facebook live, it has been claimed.

Disgusted witnesses who saw the footage said the men only stopped their horrendous attack when police stormed the flat and stopped the broadcast.

I'm sure the girl enjoyed her cultural enrichment.

No to Muslims

Muslim Girl: Muslim Women Share Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Sample #1:

The fact that an individual who has based his platform on xenophobic, misogynistic, and anti-immigrant rhetoric is becoming inaugurated shows how ignorance and language can be used to dehumanize and further oppress marginalized communities.

Sample #2:

As I, like many Americans, watched the electoral results in horror, I felt a mixture of numbness, panic, and loss. And when I say loss I mean that the double whammy of Brexit and Trump’s election to President, signified, for me, a momentous negative shift in world opinion.

Sample #3:

Everyone ‘s voices have been amplified through social media, but the conversations have shifted to more aggressive rhetoric. And we partially have Trump to blame for that; his derogatory remarks against women, Muslims, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community prove he’s the antithesis of basic morality and human decency.

So brave. Thank you for standing up to the modern Hitler who, at any moment, is going to liquidate all opposition. Any second now. Any second ...

It's interesting that these Muslim women live in places like the UK, US and Canada. Oddly enough, Muslim women who live in countries, under the liberty-rich nirvana of sharia, like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan didn't write in about the evil of Trump and the hateful people who voted for him.

Their sisters are treated like slaves at the heart of Islam. Yet, here they are lucky enough to be living in the most tolerant and liberated part of the world and what do they do? They use their freedom to trash ... Brexit and Trump! This is what happens when you follow an evil cult of death. The truth becomes irrelevant. Lies become comfortable.

Understanding Islam

Pamela Geller:

At Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, professor Yushau Sodiq is currently teaching a required course in the Department of Religion, entitled “Understanding Diverse Faith Communities.”
 He has mandated a field trip to a mosque on Good Friday, a day that is granted off to students to allow them to observe the Christian religious holiday (which is especially important to observant students at a private university). Attending the trip – and therefore not worshiping Christ on Good Friday – is worth 10 percent of the entire course, or a whole letter grade. Academia is in bad shape everywhere, but this flagrant act of Islamic supremacist bullying is in a class by itself.

Why does a Christian university employ this clown?

Pigs offended by pigs

In moderate Indonesia:

Organisers of a culinary event named the Pork Festival in the Central Java city of Semarang have been forced to rename it following protests from Islamic groups.

The Pork Underground.

“The Pork Festival bothers us Muslims in Semarang. That’s why we want the committee to cancel the festival and focus on the Imlek celebration. The event will still have pork stalls but they have to be closed off from the public eye,” Danang Ansoru, spokesman of the Semarang Islam Congregation Forum (FUIS), said Friday evening.

This "request" was odd:

Danang said the groups had also asked the committee to stand guard at the stalls to prevent Muslims from entering, but the request was turned down.

How would a guard even identify who is a Muslim and who is not? Do Muslims in Indonesia have bright red horns protruding from their skulls?

Anyway, we see the totalitarian nature of Islam yet again. These Muslims are not content with their non-consumption of pork; they are making it difficult for others to buy it. Soon, they'll want to ban the meat altogether.

Condemning Persians

The theocracy in Iran is refusing to allow the instruction of English or the learning of music in their country.

The Head of the Organization for Non-State Schools at the Ministry of Education announced that they have identified and closed 200 science and language schools in Tehran Province.


"teaching any language except Farsi is totally forbidden in primary schools. The Supreme Council of the Ministry of Education has not issued any official permit for teaching foreign languages in the primary schools."


The Head of the Organization for Non-State Schools reiterated that teaching any sort of music or playing any type of music instrument is forbidden in the governmental and private schools.

Rich Persians can send their kids abroad but the average person suffers.

Negative integrity

Muslim Girl:

As the Trumps made their way in to the White House earlier today, some things have made their way out.

Missing from the website, as picked up by several Twitter users, were the sections on civil rights and climate change.

Excellent. Now, carefully read the following part:

But what’s funny is that Melania Trump’s jewelry line has been added on to the site.

I checked the White House website and couldn't look at or buy any jewelry. So, why did the Muslim girl write that? 

Read this portion of Melania Trump's bio:

Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection.

This counts as adding "Melania Trump's jewelry line" to the website. The posters at Muslim Girl are exceptionally duplicitous and two-faced.

The End Has Come!!!

This is why the average American voter despises the media: Trump handed nuclear codes to missiles which could end humanity.

The most powerful armoury in history contains enough nuclear firepower to flatten buildings in an area with a circumference of 48,269 km — an greater than the circumference of the planet.

A city like London would be completely destroyed by a single megaton bomb, meaning the US' 1,027 megatons would eliminate around 1,027 cities the size of central London, or would instantly kill 647 million people, if set off in urban areas.


Oddly enough, such doomsday reporting was utterly absent eight years ago when a conceited, mediocre, buffoon was sworn in.

America First = Nazis. That's the intellectual level at MSNBC. Oh, and Chris Matthews threw in a Mussolini reference as well.

Serpent spits venom

Kyle Biedermann, a congressman, recently sent a letter to various Muslim organizations in Texas. The key part follows:

This poll requests you to indicate whether you, as a Muslim American and leader of you Mosque or other Islamic entity, agree with and support the three items below.

I.         Declaration of Muslim Reform Movement

Do you agree with and support this declaration which is enclosed herein?

II.        Muslim Pledge for Religious Freedom and Safety from Harm for Former Muslims

Do you agree with and support this declaration which is enclosed herein?

III.       S. 2230 of the 114th U.S. Congrees re Designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

I initially thought that this was a useless exercise. Muslims will simply lie to get the Texas congressman off their back. The poll results will be pointless.

Then, I saw the reaction from Muslim Girl. The deception and dishonesty starts from the very title of the post: This Anti-Semitic Texas Congressman Aims to ‘Fight Radical Islam’.

Biedermann’s impersonal approach at gauging where Muslims are on “the issues” reflects an unsophisticated lack of genuine interest, at best. The undetectable curiosity is reminiscent of the post-9/11 fear-mongering that ultimately entrenched us (the United States, in case my “American-ness” should be questioned as a result of my “Muslim-ness”) in what is approaching two-decades of bloodshed in the Middle East and at home, the resulting hyper-militarization of domestic police, and the economic instability which made even the whisper of President-elect Trump as a potential candidate possible.


What is your political office doing to denounce the white supremacy which underscores your need to “poll” Muslim leaders on their interpretation of documents drafted by Islamophobic opportunists?

The Muslim snake brings out the insults: anti-semitic, white supremacist, Islamophobic, etc.

However, clear heads will notice something quite peculiar. She and her ilk aren't answering the three simple questions in the poll.

At the end of the post, the Muslim girl writes:

A note to the title: Congressman Biedermann is a Central Texas lawmaker who insisted no foul play when pictures surfaced of him in a “gay Hitler” costume, Nazi “sieg heil” salute and all.

As I said, deception and dishonesty started right from the title. This is the photo.

Gay hitler

As you can see that just screams genuine NAZI

Donald John Trump

Today, the man who ruined three political families -- the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas -- will become the most powerful man on Earth for eight years. He is the new Reagan. We will see lower taxes, a beautiful wall, the annihilation of ISIS and the fake tears of Muslims.

Emperor Trump

Proof that God exists!

Chamberlain lives

Left-winger Benoît Hamon urged EU leaders – including Socialist president François Hollande – to treat Europe-bound refugees fleeing war and persecution in a “humane and just” way.

Tell the refugees: You have 50-Muslim-majority countries in the world. Take your evil sharia and go there.

Most immigrants undertake “incredibly perilous journeys” to reach European soil, he warned, before adding that France could take in “more refugees”.

Why is it that Trucks of Peace miss assholes like this guy?

The Cult of Death and Insanity

Certain Afghani women have dishonored their families. They are now getting death threats. Their unforgivable crime?

Zohra, an ensemble of 35 young musicians aged 13 to 20, are due to perform in front of thousands of top CEOs and heads of state during a meeting of the World Economic Forum. More than 3,000 international figures are attending the conference this week, which will culminate in a closing conference on Friday.

Yes. They will play some music in front of a crowd. That's all it takes to earn a death sentence.

Modus Operandi of Islam

AUSTRALIA’S Grand Mufti has called for race hate speech laws to be updated to include protections for Muslims and other religions, warning the Federal Government “watering down” the law would expose minorities to vilification.

The rotten, evil core of Islam can't possibly be defended in an honest, open society. Hence the move to criminalise its criticism.

One conservative MP has slammed the idea, saying it would be like introducing a “national blasphemy law”.


Fake hate vs. Real hate

The police claim the girl had filed a report claiming she was shouted at and called a “terrorist” by several women who then attacked her, threw her on the train tracks, and she narrowly avoided death by being pulled up before an oncoming train went by.

Facebook users made comments in sympathy for the 14-year-old with many saying how horrible it was that a young girl wearing an Islamic headscarf had been attacked.

The attention whore got her attention.

The police say they do not know why the girl had lied or how she had come to be physically injured. Officer Irina Steirer said authorities would be questioning the girl again about the incident and confirmed she could face potential slander charges.

Oops. My guess is that she got beat up by her Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam Muslim boyfriend and now to cover up the injuries, she concocted a moronic story.

The modern, ignorant West has opened its doors and allowed millions of barbaric Muslims to enter the border and then Muslims make up ridiculous stories about hate and harassment. In real life, it's infidels who are being thrown on railway tracks.

In Germany, an almost identical attack happened Wednesday in Hamburg and police have little doubt over the veracity of the story. A 16-year-old Moroccan migrant, who had come to Germany with no paperwork, pushed a 34-year-old woman onto the train tracks causing her to suffer a concussion during a botched robbery.

Entry for Vagina-holders only

Segregation by race? Evil! Segregation by gender? Totally cool.

The University of Kansas maintains a women’s-only lunchroom that’s largely utilized by Muslim students, a venue billed as a “safe place” for them.

I like this "safe place" idea. Given the numerous terrorist attacks on US soil in this century, Americans should stop immigration and kick out every single Muslim migrant.

So, that America can become a safe place. MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!

Canadian obligations

The Toronto Sun:

A Canadian family of four — yes, you — pays $7,009 a year toward government debt. JUST IN INTEREST.

That number will only increase in the near-future.

How, you ask, could it be so much? How did we get to this sorry state?

Easy. Federal and combined provincial debts jumped half a trillion dollars between 2007 and last year, to a gob-smacking $1.4 trillion.

Just like the US, the Canadian economy is now powered by debt. The government and the average Canadian is neck-deep in debt. A serious shock -- oil price collapse, global economic downturn, a 9/11-level terrorist attack in Ontario -- is going to be economically painful.

If people don't save and keep on borrowing and borrowing and borrowing in relatively "good times", then their isn't much credit available when the genuine bad times hit them like a sledgehammer.

A toll for fools

Vox Day collects the facts regarding white women who get into relationships with blacks.

There is a common phrase one hears among skeptics of biracial relationships between blacks and whites, "burn the coal, pay the toll". But given my background in economics, I couldn't help wondering what, precisely, is the toll? Here are some relevant facts, figures, and probabilities for white women contemplating the costs and benefits of coal-burning.

Out of many, this one statistic is truly stunning:

98 percent chance of not being financially supported by the child's father.

Only 1 out of 50 black fathers pays for the child of their white sperm-recipient. That's an assembly line of misery.

Absurd academic

Many more English speakers should think of immigration as a ‘two-way street’ and be able to communicate in another language to aid integration and social cohesion, said academic Wendy Ayres-Bennett.

“I would like to see more opportunities for British people to learn some of the community languages of the UK, such as Polish, Punjabi and Urdu, particularly in areas where there are high numbers of those speakers, so that there is some mutual effort in understanding the others’ language and culture."

It would have been prudent to only accept those immigrants who actually speak English to begin with. Also, the population of Britain is 65 million. Out of which, let's say, 5 million can't speak English. This academic wants 60 million people to learn non-English languages rather than have those 5 million angels be inconvenienced with English!

And English is the language of the world. At any Western university, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Europeans and Americans can all sit down and have a relatively fluent conversation in English. Learning Polish, Punjabi and (FFS) Urdu wouldn't help in such situations.

Sexual Revolution

The modern feminism-infested culture of the West has made the vast majority of women miserable. Almost 1 in 3 women are going childless. This is going to be another nail in the coffin for the shrill members of the female gender.

Speaking at the International Congress of Love and Sex with Robotics, Dr Trudy Barber said sex bots will become the social norm within 25 years as technology develops to make them more lifelike.

Look for feminists to oppose sex bots with ferocity.

An enriched Canadian

A woman is alleging she was unlawfully confined and sexually assaulted in a Saskatoon home.

The 26-year-old Melfort, Sask., woman told Saskatoon police she was walking on Highway 5 near a gas station on Monday afternoon when five men in a black Dodge truck approached her.

She said she was driven to a home on the east side of Saskatoon and forced into the basement for several hours where she was sexually assaulted.

Another kidnapping and rape.

The five men are described as possibly being Middle Eastern.


Md for Muhammad

A 12-year-old student of a government school was allegedly raped by the principal and three teachers here, police on Monday said. Principal of Kako Secondary School Aju Ahmed and three teachers — Atul Rahman, Abdul Bari and Md Shakaut — raped the girl yesterday when she was alone in the building, Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) P K Srivastava said.

Four Muslim men rape a pre-teen student in India. The victim was, likely, non-Muslim.

File under religion of peace?

Police say a 15-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert has been found safe.

The Amber Alert, which was issued early Monday morning, said witnesses had reported seeing two men force the girl into a grey Honda Odyssey minivan around 1:25 p.m. Sunday and then drive off.

Police had described one of the suspects as a South Asian male about 24 years old, 6-feet-2 inches tall with a thin build.

Witnesses reported an abduction and 24 hours later this girl is "safe"?

We are not getting the whole story here.

Racial deviations

Black students’ progress is being stalled by university tutors who are “60-year-old white men” and “potentially racist”, according to students at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) in London.

Perhaps, the black students are simply not intelligent. Perhaps, they don't have the sufficient mental horsepower to keep up with whites and Asians.

It quotes black undergraduates who say their academic progress is being hampered by older white professors who cannot relate to them. “Both of my tutors are white men. How can I have a rapport and feel comfortable talking to a 60-year-old white man?” asks one.

These black students can leave Britain and apply to one of several world-class universities in Africa which are filled to the brim with authentic blacks. I'm sure they'll "feel comfortable" then.

The report is part of a growing focus on the “whiteness” of higher education, which students say fails to take account of the increasingly diverse student body. A report by the Runnymede Trust said only 85 of 16,000 professors in the UK were black.

The SJW disease strikes again! In addition to the Insufficient Vaginas Problem (I. V. Problem), we now have the I. N. Problem.

Anyway, Western Civilization is largely white. For example, the wealthy Chinese and Indians are sending their kids to "white" countries for higher education. No matter how proud they might be of their nations, in their minds the Chinese and Indians know that today the best universities, the brightest professors and the most bountiful body of useful knowledge is to be found in majority white countries.

Oddly enough, the Chinese and Indian students are not crying out about racism or about not feeling comfortable with their white tutors or professors. Perhaps, they have a higher IQ. Perhaps, they possess the necessary mental horsepower.

The Rape Utopia of Europe

In Sweden, a woman was kidnapped AND repeatedly raped by seven different men. Only two of the men were convicted. Their punishment? Four years.

Two of seven suspects in a case of abduction and violent sexual assault have been jailed for four years each by a Swedish court, with the others released for lack of evidence.

This is what passes for justice in a European hellhole. For reference, the average sentence for a vanilla, one-time, convicted rapist in the US is almost 10 years.

Tough luck

A gruesome day for Bangladesh was highlighted by Mushfiqur Rahim being taken off the field in an ambulance after being struck on the helmet by a bouncer from Tim Southee. The fact that he was batting in the first place, having injured his hand, was a sign of how desperate the situation was for the visitors. They were eventually bowled out for 160 seven overs after lunch. New Zealand, set 217 to win in 57 overs, absolutely raced to victory and with that they broke a record that has stood for 122 years.


In December 1894, Australia put up 586 against England in a timeless Test in Sydney and it became the highest first-innings total to result in a loss. Bangladesh take on that ignominy now having declared on 595 for 8 when they batted first in a match where nearly 50 overs were lost to rain in the first day.

An absolutely stunning performance by Bangladesh which wasn't enough.

One commenter at Cricinfo writes:

Bangladesh did Pakistan here.

That's just cruel.

Another Die-versity Award winner

The victim, named as 35-year-old teacher Julia B, bled to death after allegedly being stabbed seven times by her ex-boyfriend Merwan B, 29, at her flat in Berlin’s Schöneberg neighbourhood.


Prosectors allege that the Tunisian-born defendant lay in wait outside the flat until his pregnant ex opened the door to go to work at about 10am.

Armed with a seven inch knife, he forced the victim back into her apartment before stabbing her seven times, it was claimed.

Prosectors allege that the Tunisian-born defendant lay in wait outside the flat until his pregnant ex opened the door to go to work at about 10am. Armed with a seven inch knife, he forced the victim back into her apartment before stabbing her seven times, it was claimed.

At least, we can't call Julia a racist. An ignorant, dumb bitch? Yes, but not a racist!

According to the prosecutors, Merwan B is a rejected asylum seeker, who was afraid to be deported to Tunisia.

The Brotherhood of Blood

Bare Naked Islam:

A bill introduced this week by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) calls on the U.S. State Department to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and its American affiliates like CAIR, a foreign terrorist organization (as 5 other Muslim countries already have). Advocates for American Muslims suspect a darker purpose ― to smear and potentially prosecute American Muslim advocacy groups, a move that could prove disastrous for the civil rights of Muslims in this country (but would protect Americans from Muslim groups whose goals are anti-American at their core).

This is long overdue.

Comedy and Tragedy

You have to be a special kind of stupid to directly pay for your own doom.

The Danish government has said it will stop paying Isis militants welfare benefits as part of a plan to fight terrorism.

More than 30 foreign fighters from the country are known to have continued to receive thousands of pounds worth of state unemployment benefit known as “kontanthjælp” in Syria and Iraq, with the revelations provoking outrage last month.

Moshe Quatorze writes in the comments:

Many of these Muslim immigrants are registered under multiple names in European welfare states, so they claim benefits from multiple regions, in the same country, or sometimes in adjacent countries.

All they have to do is attend occasional meetings at Job centres or welfare offices, they then claim that they're traumatised and can't work or partake in any course's or education, if the meetings clash they simply send a friend as most public employees don't check their identity.

I recently saw a program about the unit responsible for checking suspected fake documents for the UK border service, the leader showed a fake identity card from a middle eastern country, it turned out that the individual who tried to claim asylum in the UK had 47 ID cards in different names, in other words he could claim asylum and welfare benefits under 47 identities.

I suspect that Daesh, Al Queada and all the other inbred Jihadi organisations are making 100's of millions out of European welfare systems.

You can add Canada to that. Under Trudeau's government, the Canadians have taken in over 40,000 Syrian refugees. Let's be generous and say that a tiny 1% are violent, sharia-loving, ISIS members. Then, that's 400 terrorists who are getting money from Canadian taxpayers to plan their lethal assaults in the future.

It isn't just that the Western world is not serious about fighting ISIS. It's worse. The West is giving it money!