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Out of order

Gates of Vienna:

Late last night, when the news first broke about the massacre in the mosque in Quebec City, several media reports (including one from the CBC) said that there were up to three gunmen, and that they shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as they gunned down their victims.

Before I went to bed, Vlad and Sandra Solomon made a subtitled clip translated from the Arabic, which I posted here. It was based on this Facebook video, and discussed an intramural conflict at the mosque between “moderates” and “extremists”.

When I woke up this morning, the number of suspects had been reduced to two. Both of them had been arrested. Their names were released (or leaked), one Muslim, the other French-Canadian.


At this point the story doesn’t make much sense. What happened to “Allahu Akhbar”? How does an arrested “suspect” become a “witness”? Why was the second man a suspect for a while? Is he perhaps a government informant or infiltrator who accompanied Mr. Bissonnette?

The whole thing is very smelly.

Yup. Assuming the reports are true, he had two pistols and two AK-47s. I didn't realize that it was that easy for one guy working alone to get such firepower without any police attention in Canada. So far, six Muslims have died. I'm sure it'll make for an excellent "excuse" when an ISIS-inspired cultural enrichment event is unleashed on the mildly retarded Canadian public.

Trump is stopping evil at the border. Trudeau is opening the gates for them. Canadians shall see the lethal consequences soon.


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