Deprived of drama
Pampered rapefugees

Islamic priorities

Muslim Girl:

[...] it is perplexing to note the amount of criticism and hate Linda has incurred from within the Muslim community. I have seen startling comments on social media who compare Linda’s actions to being as “dangerous as Islamophobes.” The most disheartening reactions, however, have been from Muslim women themselves.

After witnessing their sister in Islam take to the stage and highlight some of the injustices they face day in, day out as women and as Muslims, I have seen fellow Muslim women call her “stupid,” “disgusting,” “jahil” (meaning ignorant), and even condemn her as a bad wife and mother for not staying in her home.

Of course, there is no direct, explicit condemnation of Linda Sarsour for promoting sharia, supporting ISIS, meeting with Hamas and making fun of female genital mutilation. What matters is that the ignorant, stupid, disgusting bitch left the kitchen.

Not even the Onion could come up with a better parody.


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