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Reasonable sharia?

Ignore the last 1400 years or go to jail

Austrian firearm legislation liberalisation campaigner Dr. Georg Zakrajsek has been sentenced to five months in prison for claiming that Islam had declared war on the Western world.

The doctor's statement is incomplete. Islam is in a perpetual state of war with not just the Western world but with non-Muslims. It doesn't matter if you're white, Indian, Chinese, etc. If you don't follow Islam and upon request refuse to follow Islam, then it is permissible for a Muslim to slaughter you.

Of course, with the anti-white rhetoric of the left, it seems that only the white West is under attack. It's true that the pathetic white nations of the world today are soft targets. However, looking at the news, one can see that the Africans, Russians, Indians and the Chinese are also targets of Islamic terrorism.

This is a World War. This started fourteen centuries ago. This is the Longest War.

Putting courageous people in jail for speaking the simple, though incomplete, truth is not going to change the ugly reality.


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