Think of it as jizya
Get On Up!

How nations die

First you invite the snakes:

Austrian Islamists were in the process of drawing up plans to set up a caliphate in Austria, a massive raid conducted by over 800 Austrian police officers has revealed.

Then you try to integrate them:

A new study from the Austrian Academy of Sciences shows that 40 percent of refugees in Austria believe religious commandments take precedence over the nation’s laws, prompting the country’s foreign minister to push for a rigorous new integration package.

It ends in spectacular failure:

40 percent of the same people questioned for the study said that religion is a more reliable guide for behavior than secular state law, with 80 percent supporting adherence to religious law in the public sphere.

80% support adherence to religious law in the public! Where the fuck else would it be enforced if not in public!?


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