Weak sauce
Invite us in or we'll kill you

Feminism = Cancer

Isn't it odd that when a woman depends on her husband for her money, she is considered oppressed. But when a woman depends on a faceless, ruthless business and an utterly indifferent government for her money, she magically becomes INDEPENDENT.

It's political, of course. Married women are less selfish and see themselves as a family unit. As a result, they tend to vote for the low-tax, small government candidates. It's in the interest of liberals to break apart families and have women be dependent on handouts. The blacks of America are the prime example of this wicked lunacy.

Now, it's getting even worse with feminists aligning themselves with sharia under which the status of women is slightly better than that of slaves. Genuine rape culture? Silence. Trump's America? END OF WOMEN!


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