Istanbul Nightclub Attack
The dreaded I.V. Problem

Are you not entertained?

2016 was really harsh on Muslim Girl:

While the problem we have with racism and white supremacy embedded in our power structures in America became more apparent this year, it has really always been there. With Trump’s hateful rhetoric emboldening casual racists and spurring some to stop tokenizing the one black person they know as their “friend,” it seemed there were more racists than before.

Don't you just hate it when these US NAZIs support Israel!

Obama pledged a further $38 million dollars in aid to the apartheid regime that is Israel, and the mayor of New York City tried to shut down the movement to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. Trump is making some big promises to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and the coming years are looking to be tough for Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza as Trump’s cabinet fills with pro-Israel (yet anti-semitic) demagogues like Steven Bannon.

Pro-Israeal (yet anti-semitic)? Never change, Muslim Girl.

The white/cisgender heteronormative patriarchy.

(Laughs.) The Great Muzzie Meltdown will continue in 2017. Should be fun.


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