Guns and ammo.
"Is it the inbreeding?"

The war continues

More innocents are slaughtered in Merkel's Germany:

A truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin Monday night, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens of others in what witnesses described as a deliberate attack.

The large Scania truck with a Poland license plate crashed into the market outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Television footage showed the truck with its windshield smashed out on the sidewalk alongside the market, with a swarm of ambulances nearby. A large Christmas tree with a gold star on top was toppled over nearby in the street, and tree branches were crushed under the truck's tires.

Police said a suspect believed to be the driver was arrested nearby and a passenger was dead. Authorities estimated that 50 people were injured, but an exact number was not immediately available.

Liberal conclusion: We need truck control.

Last month, a Christmas market in the town of Ludwigshafen was the target of a bombing attempt.

Prosecutors said a 12-year-old Iraqi boy attempted to blow up a device at the local Christmas market on Nov. 26. The device failed to detonate, so the boy tried again on Dec. 5. The device was hidden in a rucksack filed with nails and placed in a bush near the town hall.


And its muslims

The suspect is a Pakistani refugee who arrived in Germany earlier this year.


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