Insincerity of Muslims
Anis Amri: Merkel's Christmas gift to Germany

The infidels just can't win

Perhaps this is one of the sad results of centuries of inbreeding:

The sister of a woman charged in New York City for filing a false police report about drunk men on a subway train yelling "Trump" and "terrorist" at her blames the NYPD for bringing the alleged lie to light.

Sara Seweid said the police never should have investigated her sister's claims because law enforcement's "first instinct" is to doubt and then disprove accusations [...]

That's right. If only the NYPD had refused to investigate the "crime", then the "victim" could have wallowed in her golden, deceitful, public "victimhood" status for eternity.

But alas, no. The NYPD investigated the matter! The narrative shattered! The gall of the professional assholes!

Memo to US cops: You should stop believing those lying muzzies. No investigations necessary.


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