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Fighting the real oppression

This reads like a classic Onion story:

The Surabaya Police escorted Islam Defenders Front (FPI) members on Sunday as they raided shopping malls in the East Java capital to check whether outlets had ordered employees to wear Christmas attire such as Santa hats.

Hundreds of police officers were involved.

Recently, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued an edict banning companies from forcing staff to wear such items, deeming it haram.

The Muslim country with a population over 250 million is saying that haram and illegal are one and the same. Can't say it's a surprise.

Cultural enrichment in Canada

The 29-year-old brother of two women found dead Friday in south Ottawa has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder.

Musab A-Noor refused to appear in court Sunday morning but was charged nonetheless in the deaths of 29-year-old Nasiba A-Noor and 32-year-old Asma A-Noor.

The bodies of the two Somali-Canadian sisters were found at around 9 p.m. Friday when police were called to a home on McCarthy Road near Paul Anka Drive.

It was probably the Trump victory last month which pushed this pacifist follower of the Religion of Peace into killing his two sisters.

Predictable horror

The horror of honor violence was brought into sharp relief on a street in Egypt’s Sohag region on December 13.

Having heard rumors of her “inappropriate behavior,” a 40-year-old man slit his niece’s throat as hundreds watched on in shock (Arabic link).

One question that must be asked is how the man was able to drag by the hair the screaming 22 year old from her home into a street when hundreds were there and yet he still managed to kill her. To what extent did the people watching try to intervene?

Why would they intervene? Thrashing bitches to keep them in line is their culture. It is normal and expected. The only strange thing about this story is that the man did it in public. So uncouth.

Diminishing power gains

Almost ten year ago, I read about an amazing HD video -- a trailer about Terminator 2. Nearly 100MB per 1 minute of video. I downloaded it and started to play it.

It was all choppy and the audio and video was out of sync. I made sure that the latest media players were installed but it didn't help. Then, to my shock, I figured out that my CPU was too slow! It simply couldn't play such videos regardless of what software I used. 

At the time, my computer wasn't even two years old! Yet, it had reached its limit. My computer today is almost five years old and I still don't see any major reason to upgrade.

Yasmin Seweid. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Yasmin’s story, from her initial police report to going missing and finally to her confession, is incomplete, messy and replete with themes of strict parenting, police indifference, cultural assimilation, societal pressures, beauty standards and verbal abuse against women.

The strumpet was dating, and likely banging, a Christian dude. And then she lied to cover up her totally haram slutiness. It's her fault. Shame!

By the way, don't you just love how the writer mentions the theme of "police indifference"! The NYC police, of all people, took this whore seriously. They poured money and manpower into investigating the retarded matter and realized pretty quickly that it was a hoax. But in the minds of demented muzzies, this entire process is called "police indifference".

Oh, and of course, nothing can derail the narrative:

If we weren’t living in a Trump era with heightened Islamophobia and rampant anti-Muslim rhetoric, Seweid would’ve probably fabricated any other story with different details to gain sympathy from her parents, as early reports claimed.

That's right. Seweid's entire false story is further proof of racist, bigoted Trump's NYC.

Shaming Yasmin will not make the situation any better. It will only contribute to her distress.

Either this Muslim writer is dumb or lying. The shame isn't for the benefit of Yasmin. We now know that she's a fabricating, fornicating hussy who brought tremendous dishonour on her family. Shame!

The whole point of shaming this dishonest muzzie is so that other countless Muslima slags in the US don't go out and lie to the police about phantom assaults by nasty infidels.

Impoverished pre-teen in Germany

Come on, Merkel. Open those wallets.

The Islamic State assigned 12-year-old boy the job of detonating a nail bomb at the Christmas market in the German town of Ludwigshafen. The detonator fortunately failed, and no explosion occurred.

It seems the alleged perpetrator is too young to be prosecuted. I don’t know what the authorities plan to do with him between now and when he reaches his majority — or after that.

The Germans will probably provide him a house, cars, and a few blonde bitches for his harem. And money. Lots of money.

Because the root cause of this Islamic terror is, obviously, poverty.

The muzzie whore of NYC

The New York Post:

The Muslim teen who claimed three drunks taunted her as a “terrorist” on a Manhattan subway train now admits she lied to cops — who arrested her on Wednesday.

But why did she lie?

That’s when she cracked, admitting she had been out late drinking with friends and made up the attack story to distract her angry father, sources said. Seweid had been having problems with her strict Muslim Egyptian family in North New Hyde Park because she is becoming “Westernized,” one source said.

Those problems were aggravated when they learned she was dating a Catholic, the source said.

OMG. A muslima getting porked by an infidel! S-L-U-T.

Her brother, Abdoul, and four others were charged with grand larceny in 2012 for allegedly breaking into parked cars and stealing electronics in Nassau.

Such a lovely family.

Overpriced and overdone

Vox Day:

It is rather ironic that the company whose fortune was made by its superior user interface is now heading downhill due to the worst UI experience in technology. But that's the way of the world; it turns out that Steve Jobs was irreplaceable after all.

Apple's main concern is now keeping people imprisoned in its walled garden, not luring them in any longer.

When Apple released an $800 accessory (iWatch) to the iPhone, I knew then that it was running on fumes. They'll still make billions of dollars of profit going forward but that staggering run from 2002 onward won't be repeated.

Oh, and I loath their walled garden. I've never bought an Apple product for that reason.

Will the infidels ever learn?

MORE than 1000 Muslims took to the streets of London last night chanting Allahu Akbar and demanding an Islamic caliphate.

This shouldn't be surprising. They're simply following their evil cult called Islam.

A poet invited to talk shouted: "We need a Caliph who will clean up these streets. Who will smack up armies and who will back beef [fighting]. 

"Backhand your missiles back to your land, that’s the plan. 

"World domination at hand. We can expand and take out these fools."

You see, all these boundaries between Muslim-majority countries are arbitrary. The Muslims are one people --  the ummah. They should be united in one mega-sharia-nation called the Caliphate. That way, they can fund and raise armies numbering in multiples of millions and conquer the rest of the world!

Of course, it's a pipe dream. These inbred morons can't cooperate to make a functioning bicycle. However, they're dead serious and they'll surely murder scores of innocents in trying to make their nightmare a reality.

America vs. Arabia

The muzzie tradition of manufacturing hatred from infidels continues:

The 18-year-old Seweid caused quite the media stir with her sensationalized account of Trump supporters attacking her on the subway. She claimed three men attempted to pull off her hijab while calling her a terrorist and yelling Trump’s name. All this happened, she said, while New Yorkers sat idly by and watched her get assaulted.

The police source told The News that police gave Seweid numerous opportunities to recant her story but she kept sticking to it. Finally, on Wednesday, she admitted she made the whole thing up, citing “family problems.”

The American government and the American people simply don't care about the ridiculous garbage bag attire of this muzzie woman. They are largely indifferent. Still, the stupid whore maligned NYC for its phantom bigotry and the media swallowed the horse shit.

Now, if you want to see real hatred and repression, then look at the very heart of Islam:

Saudi police have arrested a young woman who tweeted a picture of herself outdoors without the body-length robes and head scarf that women in the kingdom are required to wear.

The photo which led to her arrest.

Saudi woman wears whore uniform

Naturally, this true oppression and subjugation of a Muslim woman earns silence from the hordes of duplicitous and deceitful muzzies living in the free West.

Forever 17

The die-verse "kid" has a very peculiar method of entertaining himself:

The “17-year-old” migrant who is suspected of raping and murdering German student Maria Ladenburger was convicted of a similar violent crime against a woman in Greece three years ago where he also claimed to be 17.


According to new information the migrant Hussein K., who claims to be underage, had been sentenced to a suspended ten-year sentence in Greece for attempted murder in 2013. The Afghani national arrived on the Greek island of Corfu at the end of May in 2013 and is said to have attacked a 20-year-old girl and thrown her off a cliff, Die Welt reports.

How to Wreck a Nation

Brought to you by Angela Merkel:

Shocking figures show 2,125 people were sexually assaulted, 199 were raped and and 380 were molested in swimming baths by a combination of refugees or non-German nationals this year.

There were also 319 murders and attempted murders committed by foreign nationals and migrants in 2016, 14 of which were committed against children. 

Migrants were responsible for 59 terror offences in Angela Merkel’s country since the start of the year and 112 incidents of arson.

It would be illuminating to compare the above numbers with the relevant crimes committed by German nationals. I wouldn't be surprised if the rapefugees were committing crimes at rates of thousands of percent greater than the local population.

Gender apartheid in Paris

Two French women seek out the ugly truth and find de facto sharia:

For the report two brave women from La Brigade des Mères wore button-hole cameras and headed alone into the Muslim majority Paris suburb of Sevran, which was at the centre of the French capital’s 2005 race riots. 

This will end well.

As soon as they entered one bar, which was filled entirely with young men, the owner approached them and asked what they were doing there, and if they were waiting for a man. 

When the women said that they were, he advised them: “It’s better to wait outside. There are men in here.”

Why? Because it's 2016!

When the pair countered that it was perfectly normal for women and men to be in a bar together another young man spotted them, and shouted incredulously: “There are men in here!” 

The women then asked him why he thought their presence was unusual, suggesting that he would perhaps go out for a coffee with a female friend or cousin, to which he replied: “My cousin stays at home.” He continued: “In this cafe there is no mixing. You are in Sevran, you’re not in Paris. It’s a different mentality.” 

The man insisted the Paris suburb was like the “bled” - A French slang term for a person’s home country which is frequently used by Muslim migrants from north Africa. 


In Lyon, France’s second biggest city, the report unearthed evidence that women are now actively altering their dress to avoid being threatened or abused by Muslim men. 

One young woman told the broadcaster that she does everything she can to not be noticed, including wearing baggy trousers and avoiding wearing skirts and makeup. 

When asked why, she replied: “Because I’m afraid, as simple as that.” 

If the French want this to stop, then they'll vote for Marine Le Pen.

Strong pimp hand

The muzzie boys of Austria:

The trend has become so common that the word Haram – referring to what is banned by Sharia law – is now regularly being heard in playgrounds throughout Austria, spawning the so-called 'generation haram'.

The shocking claim follows an investigation carried out by Austrian magazine Biber that said Muslim schoolboys are increasingly taking it upon themselves to tell girls how to behave.

Pretty soon, the girls will be wearing garbage bags burqas.

The development follows on from a recent study published in Vienna that showed that 57 of 214 questioned Muslim youngsters felt that religious law was more important than Austrian law.

Some also reportedly agreed with the statement that the Islamic world should be able to use violence against the West and that it was okay to kill in the name of religion.

Don't worry, Austrians. I'm sure it'll be peaceful killings.

The evolution of rape

Ladies and gentlemen, stay away from Muslim Girls.

While it is true that despite an individual’s choice of style, activities, lifestyle, or anything for that matter does not and should not invalidate their refusal for sexual acts, hence, “no means no.”

But sometimes, and actually many times, “yes” isn’t actually an indication of consent.

Yes. (And by that I mean maybe.)

We’ve often in social situations where we agree to do things that we’re uncomfortable doing despite showing clear signs, whether it be tone, body language, or word choice, of discomfort.

Er, umm, yes. (And by that I mean, well, this is so uncomfortable! But, ahem, yes.)

If you have to urge and convince an individual to have sex with you, you are not having consensual sex.

A university girl goes up to her boyfriend, "Hey, let's have sex!"

"No! I'm studying for a test."

The girl takes off her clothes to show off some exquisite skin. "Sex?"

The guy responds, "You convinced me, you rapist!"

CBC: No Whites Please

A few years ago, a woman told me that if I studied a bit more, then I'd become a hot commodity for schools in Ontario. This puzzled me since we have a surplus of teachers in the province. She said that I was different. I was a) a dude and b) a, er, visible minority.

So, even though there are a lot of white, unemployed and qualified teachers in Ontario, I would have a good chance of becoming a primary school teacher because of my gender and non-white skin color. What a sickening system.

You see, in Prime Minister Zoolander's Canada, diversity and inclusiveness means anyone but white. It's perfectly acceptable, reasonable and normal to openly and explicitly discriminate against whites for a position in government. A profession for which a majority-white country pays taxes!

Logic fails, violence succeeds

Raymond Ibrahim: The Ugly Truth about Muslim Grievances.

For about a decade now, I’ve argued that the “Muslim grievance” narrative is a myth meant to shield Islamic teachings from scrutiny. Its logic goes like this: if Islam is a religion of peace yet Muslims everywhere are behaving violently, then the explanation we must all cling to is that they are really, really “pissed off” about something being done to them.

Most recently in a message to the West, the Islamic State, instead of disseminating and taking advantage of the “grievance” claim, could not have been clearer: no matter what the West does, the true reason ISIS hates and terrorizes it is because we are infidels.

That said, millions of Muslims — including Artan — do harbor strong grievances against the West and others. The problem is that they define “grievance” in a manner incompatible with liberty.

What happened to Britain?

All cultures are valid except the local, white, British culture.

A London shopkeeper has been branded a “racist” merely for opening a shop celebrating all things British. Chris Ostwald, 54, was taken by surprise when his shop ‘Really British’ sparked a storm of criticism from the local Muswell Hill community in North London.

The shop sells a range of quintessentially British items such as London Underground tea towels, brown sauce, suffragette aprons, and old-fashioned compasses. Yet despite the uncontroversial fare, locals have reacted furiously while accusing him of being culturally insensitive at a time of heightened racial tensions.

Can you imagine anyone in the UK walking into a Really Indian, Really Chinese or a Really Italian shop and then hurling abuse at the owner? The guilty party would likely be slapped with a heavy fine or even put in jail.

Also, note just how deeply, truly "racist" the owner is:

Such has been the ferocity of the negative reaction to the shop that Mr. Ostwald has been forced to remove Union flags for fear of reprisals, while a Spanish shop assistant walked out after just one day working due to the level of abuse she suffered.

[Emphasis mine.]

Appreciation from unlikely sources:

“We’ve had Greek shoppers and Pakistanis in and they love it. They seem to be more proud of Britain than we are.”

Madam Merkel

Pimping out the women to savages:

The German government has a serious political and demographic problem. Thanks to its open-borders policy — which it seems to consider mandatory, and permanent — it has enriched itself with more than a million young men of foreign extraction, mostly from the Middle East and Africa. These hot-blooded youths have the same urges as any other males in their age group, but to their misfortune, most were unaccompanied by any young females of their ethnic group.

So the government decided to solve the problem by arranging “get-togethers” between the “New Germans” and girls “who have lived here in Germany for a long time” — that is, young ladies with fair skin and blue eyes who speak German as their native language.

Who is more evil? The inbred, violent muzzies with low-IQs who follow a wicked cult or the "intelligent" German elite enablers who, again!, are acting as a catalyst for a world war.

The useful infidels of Europe

The EU dhimmis don't care about freedom of speech:

Several European governments have made it clear to their citizens that criticizing European migrant policies or migrants is criminally off-limits and may lead to arrest, prosecution and even convictions. Although these practices constitute police state behavior, European governments do not stop there. They go still farther, by ensuring that Islam in general is not criticized either.

Finland is the European country most recently to adopt the way that European authorities sanction those who criticize Islam. According to the Finnish news outlet YLE, the Pirkanmaa District Court found the Finns Party politician, Terhi Kiemunki, guilty of "slandering and insulting adherents of the Islamic faith" in a blog post of Uusi Suomi. In it, she claimed that all the terrorists in Europe are Muslims. The Court found that when Kiemunki wrote of a "repressive, intolerant and violent religion and culture," she meant the Islamic faith.

Islam is evil. The governments of Europe are increasingly going after the veracious people who simply point that out. Instead of, you know, stopping the importation of the adherents of the demonic cult that is Islam.

The Reality-Forked Community


SCHRODINGER’S PRESIDENCY: The Time That Reality Forked Right in Front of You.

Scott Adams:

My view of reality predicts that the Hitler illusion will wear off in time because Trump keeps refusing to do Hitler-like things.

Trump is so mean. His continued refusal to do Hitler-like things is making all these liberals look utterly dumb -- compounding their BadFeelz. That makes Trump worse than Hitler!

Show some respect, infidels!

Muslim Girl:

I was on my way to work on a commuter bus when a woman walking down the aisle looked over at me and said, “Sit. Stay.” Maybe it was the shock. Or maybe it was the fact that I don’t like confrontation. The only thing I know is that I acted like I didn’t hear her.

While her attempt at humiliating me didn’t bother me that much at first, the more I let it brew in my mind, the more I became bothered. The woman referred to me as a dog!

This is callous, disgraceful and outrageous! 

I would never disrespect dogs like that.

Neon rainbow madness

I wanted to buy all-black shoes a few years ago. Just something comfortable that one could wear at work. Only one shop at the local mall had a pair that looked good but they didn't have it for my size! I had to travel to a separate mall and go through three stores before I finally found an all-black in size 13.

The present designs and out-of-control colors look hideous. All one company has to do is introduce simple, elegant, comfortable, all-black and all-white shoe selections and they'd get my money.

Persians and Pakis Partner to Pillage

The educated migrants doing the job that the Spaniards won't do:

Spanish police said Wednesday they had smashed a criminal gang of Iranians and Pakistanis who preyed on tourists in Barcelona by posing as police, just days after dismantling a similar ring in Madrid.

Isn't it heartwarming to see Shias and Sunnis coming together to rob the infidels?

Spain’s national police said Monday they had smashed a criminal gang which preyed on tourists in Madrid in the same way, with the arrest last month of nine suspects, all Pakistani and Iranian nationals. That gang is suspected of carrying out at least 21 robberies.

At least.

Canadian Incompetence

These guys couldn't update and look up a simple criminal record?

A Brampton man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman while she was clearly too intoxicated to consent has fled to Pakistan before he could be sentenced.

In fact — as court heard for the first time Thursday — this is the second time Moazzam Tariq, 29, has fled to Pakistan to avoid jail time while on bail.

The government deserves a gold medal for this ineptitude.

Through an apparent failure to update the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), the central database used to look up criminal records, the Toronto Crown office and Toronto police were not aware that Tariq was charged by Peel Police in January 2010 with dangerous driving causing bodily harm — and that he fled to Pakistan in September 2010 while on bail with his father Mohmood Tariq as surety.

He came back to Canada; paid a fine and served a few weekends in jail. Now, with the sure threat of years in jail, Tariq The Rapist is gone for good.

Peaceful jihad training in Canada

Canadians should consider themselves very fortunate. These men trained with their rifles in Canada but did the real thing in Syria:

An investigation by Radio-Canada's Enquête has uncovered the identities of a group of 10 young Quebecers who secretly joined militants in Syria to fight against the Bashar al-Assad regime.

The group was made up of friends who often gathered at a Montreal-area shooting range to practise before seven of them left for the Middle East between the summers of 2012 and 2013, Radio-Canada has learned.

Of course, that luck will run out soon.

Radio-Canada learned that after one of those practices, a client overheard one of the men say he was unhappy the targets weren't non-believers.

That would be 97% of the population of Canada.

Spiderman: Die-versity Protocol

Vox Day:

You can just imagine how many ways things would go wrong with a pretty Halfrican girl who is an NBA groupie, a whip-smart Hispanic girl who always has to be right and argues about everything when she's not busy getting beat up by her gangster boyfriend, the gay Indian H1B who doesn't actually know how to use the computer technology in which he is supposedly an expert, and the fat Asian who keeps losing track of time in the middle of his Hearthstone matches and regularly collapses after 36-hour gaming binges.

This is so sickening, offensive and disgusting!

Where are the pakis?

The evil majority

Robert Spencer:

“There are politicians who are twisting and abusing religion and different strains of the same religion in order to further their own political objectives.”

And what makes Boris Johnson think that he knows more about Islam than the custodians of the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places? This is a malady that is epidemic among Western politicians and other public figures: non-Muslims including John Kerry, David Cameron, Pope Francis, and a multitude of others, down to fatuous judges lecturing convicted jihadis about how they’re misunderstanding their religion, all think that they know that Islam is a Religion of Peace that has been hijacked by a tiny minority of “extremists,” and they are determined to lecture those “extremists” on the true, peaceful Islam.

Global Muslim population = 1.6 billion.

Population of Saudi Arabia = 30 million.

If the Saudis are truly perverting Islam and making it violent and intolerant, then why is it that the global muzzie population is not outraged by this heinous religious blasphemy? That's a question that the media and the politicians ought to be asking if they were interested in seeking the truth.

Aiding the enemy

Stephanie Koithan, an ignorant infidel in Texas, supports Muslims. Muslim Girl:

According to Koithan, the current climate in the United States extends beyond the election. Islamophobia has been a silent beast in America for more than a decade; born of 9-11, anti-Islamic rhetoric has existed in this country for 15 years. It’s been there, festering, locked up and waiting for the day when it could rear its ugly head. Now that the day has come. She went on to say that Americans need to look at their society — and themselves — to understand why this is happening, why they have allowed a climate of fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric to take control.

Perhaps, it is Stephanie Koithan who needs to understand the nature of the cult of death called Islam. In America, the biggest danger to Muslims from infidels is that someone might hurt their feelings or put bacon on the door of a mosque.

Those are quite mild and understated responses to what the Muslims have done.

Nothing to do with Islam

Classic muzzie intimidation

Muslims are barely 10% of the population in Sri Lanka and yet:

Muslim Ministers today demanded the arrest of a Buddhist monk who had disrespected Islam.

The main thug:

State Minister M. L. A. M. Hizbullah also questioned what action will be taken against the monk.

Oh, yes, a true thug:

He said the Bodu Bala Sena continues to make statements disrespectful to Islam and action must be taken against them. Hizbullah also warned that Muslim leaders will not be able to control Muslim youth if Islam continues to be disrespected in the country.

Isn't that comforting? Either the infidel government punishes the monk by throwing him behind bars or the restless muzzie "youth" might murder him.

The Mega Malevolent Muzzie Party

A Dutch anti-discrimination group complained to police about a political party whose Muslim founders said Adolf Hitler was Jewish and that homosexuality is a contagious illness.

These muzzies don't hold back:

The party’s official Facebook page was blocked last month in what the party claims was a response to a post about Jews. The said “Jews are worse than the devil” and accused Jews of helping Hitler reach power in Germany and participating in the murder of other Jews, according to De Orkaan. “Hitler was an Austrian Jew who during World War II killed many Jews, including by gassing them,” the post read.

The post also claimed Jews use the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders “as a pawn to stir trouble in Holland”and falsely asserted that Wilders is Hitler’s grandson. Jews “run the United States but the stupid Europeans believe they were freed by the Americans” during the war, the text also reads.

It's a terrible idea to block, censor or delete the pages of this new political party. In fact, their words ought to be prominently displayed in media reports. That way, a few more people will wake up to the ugly reality of Islam and Muslims.