#1 dumb infidel country
Geert Wilders speaks the truth

Berlin Christmas Market Attack

The first victim was a Polish truck driver. He was stabbed and shot to death.

Islam - the truck of peace

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Polish lorry driver who fought for his life as fanatic shot him dead then hijacked truck in Berlin massacre was returning to his wife to prepare Christmas presents.

The 37-year-old driver disappeared after parking his lorry at a depot in Friedrich-Krauze-Ufer and going for a kebab. Mr Zurawski, said: 'When I spoke to him he was saying it was a strange area of Berlin because it was full of Muslims.


'Police in Gryfinie showed me the terrible photo of Lukasz. His face was all bruised and had been cut with a knife. You could tell he put up a fight. 'But I do not believe that one man could have killed my cousin. He was a powerful six-foot-two and weighed 130kg. It had to do a group of people.'

It most certainly was.


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